Blogs to Chase the Clouds Away (people I read)
A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep
Como no ser una Drama Mamá (Spanish)
Dorky Dad
House of Lime
Hyperbole and a Half
Leigh vs. Laundry
Moving From France to Ferrets
O Mighty Crisis
Quod Erat Demonstrosity
Robert Kroese
Random Ramblings of an Agnostic Mom
Sleep Talkin' Man
The Adventures of Fred and Ethel
The Depp Effect 
The Life and Times of a Carolina Parrothead 
The Transcendental Tourist
Variant E's Fantastical Nonsense
View from the Cloud

The Sun is Always Out Somewhere Else (expat blogs)
Erik's Blog
Las Mil y Una Metidas de Pata (Spanish)
Laying Fallow
Life in the Pickle Jar
My Spanish Adventure
Not Hemingway's Spain
Oreneta Aground
Postcards From Across the Pond
Sunny Netherlands 
The Hangout
Tuvalet Nerede?

Blogs That Have Gone to a Sunnier Place (even good blogs die)
Central Snark
My Blue Streak
Simply Said
The Frog Bog
The Ice Queen
Wandering Consciousness
Waking Ambrose
Zoning Out Again

Rain From the Same Cloud (family blogs)
Plainssong (My sister Michelle's blog)
Una Chica Superguay (Catgirl's blog)

Places For a Rainy Day (non-blog links)
Andre v. d. Ploeg's Photos
Apartment Therapy
Blog Expat
Expat Arrivals Spain Guide
Fernando Miranda (Spanish)
Fly Lady
Ikea Hacker
My Flickr Pics
Photos by H
World's Smartest Man

See Me Write, See Me Scrivel
My Feet Are Sexier Than Your Feet
Intimately Photoshopped
Things That Go Beep in the Night
Please Don't Feed the Dust Bunnies
G Spotting
Spreading Stanley
Curse of the Night Owl
Reach Out and Touch Someone
The "Number One" Solution
Locks of Love
Hairy Bitch Seeks Handsome Stud for Roll in the Grass