These people think I'm funny, sassy, cool and confusing (or maybe just confused):

Zhu over at Correr Es Mi Destino decided I was a citizen of the world, or in other words, that I have no idea where I really belong:

Once I won the much coveted Matress Police Caption Contest Award:

And it was all because of  this fabulously funny, brilliant caption (what do you mean it's going to my head?) :

Lime of  House of Lime thinks I'm a sassy mama!

I have also won the Freakshow Friday caption contest over at Leigh vs. Laundry twice:

And I won it because I was weird enough to come up with this caption:

Laddy Gaga on the cover of his new album: Born This Way

And geeky enough to think this one up:

After the Great Geek Uprising of 2011,
Eunice and Clarence were proudly
crowned as prom king and queen.
And since I'm a child of the 70s, this one was just waiting to happen:

Saturday Night Fifer!

And, Asha, over at Random Ramblings of an Agnostic Mom thinks my photo contests are cool, or maybe just confusing:

She also thinks I'm stylish:

I made Vicky, over at the now defunct Glitter Frog, snicker and then nearly choke to death with my captions for this photo:

Everyone could tell how much Jack liked hard liquor
Enhance the family jewels with Crown Royal
And with this one too:
One Ken to another: Hey Dude, what did Barbie do to those guys? Why are they all puking over the fence like that?

So, she gave me this award because she thought my captions were "funny as hell!"  I won twice!  Woohoo!