Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life's a Beach!

Hey, I'm back! Although I'm actually on holiday in Southern Spain as I write this.

The Professor and I had our not-so-dirty dancing debut, and it turned out much better than I expected.  We got through our Cha cha, Rueda de Casino, and Bachata without falling on our butts, and we managed to remember at least most of the steps, so I'm satisfied that at least we didn't make fools of ourselves.  I have a video and photos, but unfortunately they are not mine, and I don't have permission to publish them, so you'll just have to imagine it all in your heads...that's probably best anyway, because, while we didn't screw up, we are just a bunch of amatuers.

One thing is for sure, we didn't look like this (I only wish):

And now, with the show and all our classes behind us, we're at the beach, enjoying a sort of impromptu vacation.  We really didn't have any plans for the summer, and I had wishfully been looking at cheap holidays to Ibiza, all the while thinking that we'd probably just end up staying in Pamplona. But my parents-in-law have a beach house in La Antilla, Huelva, and this year they weren't using it, so they encouraged us to take advantage and come down for the month of July.

Needless to say, it didn't take much encouraging...

Catgirl, however, was less than thrilled because coming here meant missing out on San Fermines this year, but we've never had the beach house all to ourselves, so it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. 

It's been breakfast out on the porch every morning, long walks along the beach, and lots of fresh fish ever since.  And no need for sweaters or jackets...coming from Pamplona, that's a real treat.

And Canasta.  Lot's of Canasta.

To belong to The Professor's family, learning this card game is mandatory...that's one of the first things I found out when I got here, nearly 20 years ago.  You really need at least four people to play, and none of our friends play, so we only get the chance when we visit the family, and we usually play for hours when we're at the beach with my parents-in-law.  But since they're not here, we had no Canasta partners.  So, we decided it was time to initiate the kids in the family tradition.  It's not a difficult game, but there's a certain amount of strategy involved, so they were really too young to play before.  But this summer we taught them to play, and now they're addicted.  Not a day goes by that we don't play a few hands.

And they're getting so good, that I'm thinking they should learn to play Poker.  Maybe they can even win us some cash so we can take that trip to Ibiza...


  1. Yeah, bachata is seriously sexy, and its considerably more simple than salsa and cha-cha-cha. But when it's done right, it sizzles!

    My daughter has been singing "Pobre De Mi" all week since her aunt taught it to her.

    1. Really? You think it's easier? Sexier, for sure, but easier, I'm not so sure. Y, pobre de ti. ;D

  2. Great to hear again from you :)

    Enjoy a lot the holidays in the South and teach your daughters to play mus not poker!! It will be much useful for when they go to university :P You will never go to Ibiza playing mus though.


    1. I don't know how to play mus...you'd think after almost 20 years in Navarra I would have learned, but no. I don't know how to play poker either, though...so, I'm afraid we won't be going anywhere exotic anytime soon. :D

  3. No me imagino a Erik bailando bachata, jajajaja
    La verdad es que a mi no me gusta mucho, pero se puede decir que yo bailo casi de todo.
    Wow qué buenas vacaciones se que ese lugar es precioso y tener la casa para ustedes solos ha sido un lujo.

    1. Hmm, tendremos que sacarle a bailar a ver...
      A mi me encanta, tiene un algo muy sensual. Pero tambien me gustan los demas bailes...ahora, bailarlos bien, esa es otra historia. Y sí, han sido unas vacaciones de lujo, creo que las mejores que haya tenido nunca.

  4. I know that, by now, you're well and goodly done with that vacation, but it still looks like it was perfectly relaxing and lovely. Are things back to school at your house now?

    I've been missing you--trying to get better about blog visiting this fall. Oh, the pressure!