Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What the World Needs Now is Linky-Love...

As promised, here is my Photo Fun linky-love post.  For those of you who are new around here, I do one of these after every ten contests to reward all the participants for playing along.  They're a pretty creative bunch, and they deserve a shout-out.

And here they all are.  There are a lot of great bloggers on this list, so if you haven't already done so, I highly recommend you visit them all.

And our three participants without blogs:
  • My very good friend, Heidi Stephenson.
  • Her lovely husband, Mike Stephenson.
  • And a guy named Jimy.

Thank you all for playing along, you guys are great!  And I'll see you all on Friday for Photo Fun #41.  Don't miss it!


  1. Nice blogs around! By the way, the link to Windmill Tales is the link to your brother in law's profile!

    Here is the real one:
    Cool blog by the way, I didn't know it and it looks great, I have checked it out a bit and I see she talks about a lot of things I wanted to talk about haha


    1. Oops, I must have mixed the links up. I'll fix it. And, yes, she has a cool blog.

  2. Thanks for the love. I feel bad my haste to get on Friday and play with you all, I have accidently used my old account (HOME FOR SALE, by K.) instead of my PicklePits one. Now having said that, if anyone wants to buy it, well, be my guest! Otherwise, just ignore and come see me at Life in the Pickle Jar.

    Sorry for the confusion!

  3. Thanks for putting me in there. :) I feel so special.