Monday, May 21, 2012

Stop "Scrubbing" It In

Since no one has guessed what our Photo Fun image was yet, I'll give you guys a few more hours to figure it out.  I've left you a clue in the comments.

And in the meantime, I'll share something funny from Google Street View to entertain you on this, yet again, rainy Monday.

The other day we were on our way to a dinner party and we passed a statue that's just outside Zizur.  I've seen it hundreds of times, and every single time I wonder why someone would want to create a statue that looks like a giant toilet brush.  Could it be that the people of Zizur have cleaner toilets than the rest of us, and they want to "scrub" it in?  (Sorry, I just couldn't resist)

I'm all for clean toilets, but I think this is a bit much.  Giant toilet brushes are not pretty.  So please, good people of Zizur, do us all a favor, take down that statue, and stop scrubbing it in.

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  1. haha funny sculptures in the highways... I always liked the sheep that are in the highway Vitoria-Pamplona. And checkout this one near Breda, I always see it when I go to Belgium... amazing haha

    1. Hey, the Breda one's a good one! I like the sheep too, but the toilet brush is just not attractive. Maybe it means something, but all I can think of is that...

  2. Hee hee! It it is a giant loo brush! I can´t imagine what else it could mean. What´s next? A giant roll of TP?