Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photo Fun #43 Winner

It looks as though this time around I picked a difficult object for Friday Photo Fun, since no one got it until yesterday afternoon.

Erik, of American in Spain, finally guessed that it was a madroño fruit.  In English, the plant this fruit grows on is called a strawberry tree, although the fruits are not strawberries, and while they are edible, they are nowhere near as nice as real strawberries.  The bush itself isn't all that special, but when it's full of red berries, it is pretty spectacular.

This is the fruit as seen from the bottom, and the photo I used for the contest.

We used two of these fruits for the eyes of our Pumpkin last Halloween. It was a fairly small pumpkin, but you can compare with the carrots and the orange to get an idea of the size.  The orange on the ground is the one you want to look at, because the one inside the mouth is from an ornamental orange tree, and was actually tiny.

The madroño, or Arbustus unedo, is fairly common here in Spain, and is found on Madrid's coat of arms, which depicts a bear eating the fruit off the tree. 
Escudo de Madrid

If you visit Madrid, you'll find this symbol in many places, including this statue, which is located in Puerta del Sol.

So, congrats to Erik, for figuring this one out.  I guess it was kind of a tough one.  And thanks to everyone else for playing along.  I'll be back on Friday, this time with something easier, I promise.


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    1. Yeah, I'd never seen it before coming here...but then again, I guess I didn't pay that much attention to plants before.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I've never seen one of these before!


  3. You could've given me a year to guess, and I'd have gotten nowhere near the real answer. Thanks for the lesson!

  4. Is that a muscular Winnie the Pooh (Winnie the Buff?) looking for some honey? (last photo)