Monday, May 14, 2012

Photo Fun #42 Winner

I survived Catgirl's party (and so did the house), and I'm back to announce the winner of this week's Photo Fun contest.  Once again it's Erik of American in Spain, who claims to be my biggest fan.  I don't know if he's my biggest fan or not, but he's certainly one of the biggest Photo Fun winners.  And this week, he guessed that my photo subject was a fan, or an "abanico", as it's called in Spanish.

I used Ultraviolet's fan for the photo, mostly because she always leaves it lying around, and when I saw it the other day, I thought it might make a good subject.

But Ultraviolet isn't the only one in this family with a fan.  Nearly every woman in Spain has one of these, so we each have one (except The Professor, of course), although they're not as necessary up here in the cold, rainy North as they are in the South.

So, I'll just say congrats to Erik, and to rest of you, thanks for playing along.


  1. I probably wouldn't have gotten it if my daughter hadn't been whacking me over the head with one all weekend.

  2. Oooh, that is so pretty! And, I imagine, most useful in the heat. I looked at the fans in Venice - which are gorgeous, by the way, all lacy and such - but they would become useless ornaments here in England, sadly!

    1. Up here they're useless for most the year as well, but at least there are usually a few warm days in summer that warrant digging them of the closet.