Monday, May 7, 2012

Photo Fun #41 Winner

I'm a bit late in getting this up today, and as usual I'm in a rush. It's been a busy, busy day. Lots of stuff going on, that I hope to find time to blog about one of these days. But now's not that time. So, I won't beat around the bush.  The winner of Photo Fun #41 is Ben, of Quod Erat Demonstrosity. He guessed that the object in my mystery photo was a cheese grater with a red handle.

I took the photo of the inside, and I cropped it to make it a little harder, but Ben's a good guesser, and he figured it out pretty quickly.

And here's a more normal view:

So, congrats to Ben, and thanks to everyone else for playing along.


  1. Okay. THAT is an awesome photograph. I never once considered that utensil as a photographic subject.

    What a grate idea!

  2. Ay caracho para una que si me la sabía y que se me escapó el post :( buaaaaaaaaaaaa