Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Photo Fun #42

It seems like these days all I do is jump from one Photo Fun contest to the next, with no real blogging in between, but the end of the school year is approaching and more and more things are piling up.  My chairs are still not finished, and there are only a few classes left, so I've been spending some extra time trying to speed things up.  And tomorrow Catgirl is inviting a bunch of kids over to celebrate her birthday, which means lots of extra work.  The last time we had a real birthday party at home was when she turned four, and that experience was enough to make us decide never to do it again.  But she is turning 17 this year, so I think it's safe to try it again.

Or is it?

A houseful of teenagers all hopped up on sugar doesn't sound too safe to me.  But it's too late back down now, so I guess all I can do is cross my fingers and hope things don't get too out of hand.

Wish me luck, but before you do, take a look at this week's photo:

Okay, you know what to do.  Guess what it is, and let me know in the comments.  The first person to get it right will have their blog linked to my big red button until the next contest.  If the winner doesn't have a blog, I'll link to the page of their choice (I reserve the right not to link to any content that I find objectionable).

And, don't forget, everyone who leaves a comment will get a spot in my next linky-love post.  So, don't be shy!

Okay, go!


  1. air filter? you got me yet again!

  2. Good luck with the party haha

    Can the picture be a tablecloth? This kind of individual stuff...

  3. Nope. It's neither one of those. Keep trying! ;)

  4. Since I'm your biggest fan, I'm going to go with an Spanish abanico.

  5. Parasol?

    (and happy bday to the 17 year old!)

  6. It's a fan - first one I've been able to guess for ages ;-O