Monday, April 30, 2012

Photo Fun #40 Winner

Is it Monday already? Wow, that was fast.

But the weekend's not over for us.  Tomorrow is Labor Day here in Spain, so many people are having a puente (bridge holiday) today, including my kids. And since The Professor is off visiting his parents on this long weekend, we girls are spending our time eating ice cream and watching chick flicks. So far, we've seen Amelie and My Best Friend's Wedding, although that last one didn't go over too well with the kids because they didn't like the ending.  And this afternoon we may do Letters to Juliet, or maybe even Gone with the Wind, but we're going to need a lot more ice cream for that.

But before we curl up on the sofa and break out the stracciatella (which is really just a fancy Italian name for chocolate chip ice cream), I'll announce our 40th Photo Fun contest winner. This time around it's FionaCat, of A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep.  Congrats, Bud!  She figured out that my mystery object was a sewing box.  I got this for Christmas a few years back, and while it has lots of room for all kinds of stuff, these days it's filled nearly to bursting.  Looks like it's time to clean it out.

But first there's a tub of ice cream that's calling my name, so the cleaning will have to wait while I watch Scarlett proclaim she'll never go hungry again.

And as long as there's ice cream, neither will I!


  1. Sounds like the perfect plan...I just finished off a 'tub-O-French Silk happiness', while watching Pretty in Pink. Guess if I can't drink my coffee, I can eat it!

  2. that's a lovely sewing box. thanks for theprayers and good thoughts today. i really appreciate them.

  3. Hmmm ... now I'm going to actually write a current post ;)