Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Americans Are Coming, the Americans Are Coming!

Actually, they've already come and gone again.

You may have noticed that last weekend there was no Friday Photo Fun contest on this blog, and the reason for that is that we were very busy.  I'm feeling a little like a kid who tells his teacher that his dog ate his homework, except in my case it's the cat who ate my post, which, if you could see the size of the cat, wouldn't be totally unbelievable.

But, no, the cat didn't eat my post, although he has eaten nearly everything else in this house.

We've just been busy with our fourth kid.  What?  Huh?  When did that happen?  There were only three last time I looked. 

There are really only three, but for the past couple of weeks we've had an extra daughter, even though it was only temporary.  The story starts here:

Last summer, Catgirl's school did an exchange program with Tam High, in California, and she spent three weeks with a family over there.  She was so impressed that she asked me why we didn't live there, so I'm guessing she had a pretty good time.  I suggested she write something for this blog, to tell us all about it, but her thumbs seem to be permanently attached to her cell phone lately, and we have yet to find an effective "cell phone remover", so writing a guest post is out of the question for the time being. 

We'll just assume she had fun and leave it at that.  She really didn't want to come home so soon, but at least there was the Tam students' visit to look forward to.  The past few months, she's been busy Skyping with the girl who hosted her, planning her visit to Pamplona.  They had a lot of stuff lined up, some of which we managed to do, but time was limited, so some things will have to wait until next's a good excuse for her to come back, which we hope she will.

And that's what we've been so busy with.  The American students arrived on the 30th of March, and spent the next ten days with us, which really was much too short.  There are so many things to see around here, and trying to cram it all into such a short time is not easy, so we've been making the most of it, which means we haven't been home much lately.

Welcome!  Several of us spent a whole afternoon coloring this sign.  I haven't colored anything in was like being in grade school again.
Here they come!  Ready for their Spanish adventure.
We'll take this one!

Ariel (the blog name our American girl picked out) and Catgirl had a great time and, judging from the group crying session at the airport when it was time for them to leave again, so did the rest of the kids.

And now there's something missing.  It feels strange around here now that Ariel's gone.  She's been a delight to have around; she was so polite, and she seemed to enjoy everything we did.  She thanked us every time we went somewhere, she ate everything we gave her, and she's the only one of the kids who actually put her stuff in the dishwasher.  I was impressed....the only way I can get Catgirl to put her stuff in the dishwasher is by nagging.  And she made her bed everyday!  Catgirl only makes her bed when threatened with loss of internet privileges.

Ariel, come back!  

It was a great experience all around, probably the best we've had with an exchange student, and I think the reason it worked so well is that the students chose each other, instead of being randomly assigned to a family.  Before Catgirl went to California, she had to contact as many of the Tam students as possible before deciding who she wanted to stay with, and then send an e-mail asking if the family would have her.  She and Ariel chose each other, since they seemed to have a lot in common, and they ended up really hitting it off.

There's so much more to tell, but I'll leave it for another post.  And tomorrow I'll be back with another Photo Fun contest, if I can think of something to take a photo of, because I'm running out of stuff in my there's something I thought I'd never say, since my house is overflowing with all kinds of stuff.  The problem is that most of that stuff just won't work for the contest.


  1. Yeah, those yanks are weird, saying "Thank you" so often. :-)

    I still haven't had that behavior totally extinguished yet, but going away.

    1. Hmm, maybe you're right and it is an American thing, I've been here so long that I may have forgotten. But to be fair, Catgirl's Spanish friends are equally polite, so I'm not so sure.

  2. I never did such a thing as going abroad with a family, which was pretty popular when I was young(er), a lot of my friends went to Ireland or the States and so did my sister but I always found an excuse not to do it... now I kind of regret it but anyway, as the Castilian old saying says: "agua pasada no mueve molino".


    1. It's never too late, well, maybe to be an exchange student, but you can always just go as a tourist. There's lots to see. :)