Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photo Fun #35 Winner

Well, here I am with the winner of Photo Contest #35.  This week it was Heidi Stephenson, who correctly guessed that my photo was of a doormat covered in ice.  Since she doesn't have a blog, she asked me to link to Think Geek.

And here's a the full shot of the rubber doormat that's just outside my front door.  I took this photo some time in January, after it had snowed and the snow had begun to melt.  I liked the look of the pattern covered in ice, so I decided it was worth taking a picture of, but I didn't really do it with Friday Photo Fun in mind.  But it ended up coming in handy last Friday, when I was running late, and I couldn't think of a subject for the contest.

Looks like I was saved by the snow.

And Heidi, congrats!  Your answer was spot on!


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