Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo Fun #32 Winner

I'd love to say that the reason that I haven't gotten this post up sooner is that I was off on a Greek island somewhere, but it's nowhere near as interesting as that.  The real reason is that my internet connection has been iffy for days, and for a while it was down altogether, which made uploading photos impossible. But for thirty euros a year (yes, that's right, I said thirty euros a year), I guess I really shouldn't complain.

Anyway, for now it seems to be working again, so I'm getting this up before it goes on the blink again.

The winner of Photo Fun #32 is Wanda, of Tailfeather Chronicles.  She said my mystery object was a role of upholstery webbing.  I'm using this in my furniture restoration class, to fix up my old armchairs.  If you're not sure how this stuff is supposed to go on the chair, you can check out the photos in this post.

So, better late than never, congratulations to Wanda.  Sorry it took me so long to get this up, but at least I managed to get the button link up on Monday.  Hopefully, this weekend we won't have any more internet troubles, and I'll be able to get the next photo up in time.  Tune in tomorrow to find out!


  1. I knew I had read one of your previous post that included reupholstering a chair!

    1. Yeah, you did very well. I wasn't sure anyone would get this since it's kind of a strange thing to have around the house. Good job! :)