Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Photo Fun #34

Here I am, running late as usual, trying to get this post up before midnight and I turn into a pumpkin....

This is your mission for today:  Tell me what you think this object is.

Leave your guess in the comment section of this blog (not the Facebook page), and if you are the first to correctly guess what it is, I'll link my big red button to your blog.

Don't have a blog?  That's okay too.  You can still play, and if you win, I'll link to the page of your choice.  And remember, everyone who participates will get to be in my next linky-love post, which I'll be doing after contest #40.  So, don't be shy, and take a guess, or two....or a hundred, if you like.

Okay, go!  And have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Wow. These aren't getting easier

    A reflection of the sky on a red glassy surface of some sort.

  2. Looks like those paper angels or shapes that you cut out and string up around the place. Some sort of decoration, definitely looks like bit of paper cut up

  3. Crepe paper streamer? If I win I think Ben and I should share that big red button! :)

  4. Paper lantern? I think we're all agreed that it's a paper something.

  5. I would go for a lamp but I don't really have a clue...