Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo Fun #31 Winner

Well, it's Monday once again, and here I am with the winner of Photo Fun #31.

This time around it was Erik, of American in Spain!  He was spot-on with his guess that our mystery object was some sort of gadget for cutting the label off the top of a wine bottle to allow the cork to be removed.  I actually wasn't sure if this gadget has an official name or not, so I hunted around on the internet a bit, and all I could find was the term "foil cutter".  I thought it would have a cooler sounding name, but I guess not.  However, I did find some very cool bottle openers out there, as well as some pretty wacky ones, like the bikini beer buddy that you can find on Design Swan.  Okay, you can't open wine bottles with it...but, girls, won't all the guys at those poolside parties you go to be impressed when you pop open a beer with nothing but what's between your breasts?

That's definitely not for me, but hey, to each his own.

I may not open my beer in such a unusual way, but I do have this nifty little device for cutting the foil off wine bottles before taking the cork out.  Necessary?  No.  But it is much neater than just ripping off the wrapper.

Foil cutter, bottom view.

Foil cutter, top view
And that's it for today, so now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go open up a nice bottle of red wine and make a toast to our winner.  Cheers Erik!


  1. I use a similar device on an almost daily basis. :-)

  2. Jejeje veo que nunca voy a ganar :)

  3. Que sí, mujer. Sigue intentándolo y seguro que uno de estos días ganarás.

  4. I HATE trying to bust my way through the foil. (I suppose if that's one of the most trying times of my day, I have it pretty good)

    "Foil cutter" is going on my shopping list.