Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Photo Fun #31

For once I'm right on time!  So, are you ready for some Friday Photo Fun?

Well, Here's this week's mystery object:

You should all know what to do by now, but for any new visitors, here's how this game works: I post a close-up of an object, you guess what it is. If you are the first person to guess correctly, I'll link my big red button to your blog for a whole week. You can guess as many times as you like, and if you don't have a blog, you can still play, and if you win, I'll link to the page of your choice.

All you have to do is to leave your answer in the comment section of this blog. I won't accept guesses that are made on the Rain in Spain Facebook page, mostly because it gets too confusing to figure out the order of the comments.  Hopefully, I'll find a way to allow Facebook comments on here soon, but until then you need to leave all guesses on this blog.

Oh, and remember, everyone who participates will be included in my next linky-love post, which will be after contest #40.  So, even if you don't have a clue, take a wild've got nothing to lose.

Okay, go!  And have a great weekend!


  1. Some sort of gadget to cut the label off the top of a wine bottle to allow cork removal?

    Or a can opener. Definitely for opening something.

  2. I'm with's like the chain of a bicycle, in pieces. Or something you and the Mr. use in the bedroom?

  3. Oh my! I hope the Professor doesn't find out about the Mister.