Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo Fun #28 Winner

And the winner of Photo Fun #28 is.....drum roll please....Miss Rosie, of Hello Rosie!  Congrats on guessing that my mystery object was a Christmas ornament with fake snow inside it. 

This was the big fad over here at Christmas, so I picked up a few for our tree, and I thought it would make an interesting photo fun object.

Excellent guessing, Miss Rosie!

That's all for now, but come back on Friday for a new photo and another chance at winning some linky love for your blog.  But before that, I'll be back with Part three of my Grand Day Out...and I'll pack it with castles, egg-shaped refrigerators,  and Rodin sculptures.  I'll also tell you the difference between pinchos and tapas, although I don't think this is entirely clear even to the natives, because there are a whole lot of opinions on that subject.  In fact, I may even leave that for a whole different post...but I will throw in a picture of Bob running with the bulls to make up for it.  Who would have ever guessed that a day could give so much posting material?


  1. Loved the one in which bulls were behind and every one was running and the castle one is good as well ! keep it up