Monday, January 23, 2012

Photo Fun #27 Winner

This week's winner of our fun little photo contest is none other than my good friend, FionaCat, of A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep.  Congrats Bud!  FionaCat and I go way back...all the way to high school, to the good old days of sleep overs, making up new and unusual sports in gym class, and writing notes in class.  But that doesn't mean I helped her out on this one, she figured it out all on her own, and I didn't even see who the winner was until this morning, because the internet's been down since Saturday.

I'm guessing she must be a woman with knitting experience (not something we did back in high school), because when I showed this photo to a few other people, they didn't have a clue as to what it was.

Yes, those are some big-ass knitting needles, for doing some serious knitting.  They're not mine, actually.  I just borrowed them from SAM for the photo.  She's just recently taught herself to knit using a book she got once, and it's amazing how quickly she's figured it out.  Her first project (a scarf) was so successful that now Catgirl wants one too...and I'm next in line (the next thing I know she'll be asking me for permission to set up shop on Ebay).  I took the contest shot with the camera facing the tips and no knitting on them.  Here's an after shot, but this time from above, with the beginning of Catgirl's scarf.

Well, that's it for this week.  Come back next Friday to play again, or sooner if you want to see how my Grand Day Out turned out.  Don't forget to visit FionaCat's blog...she's got a caption contest going on this week!  I just love caption contests, so I'll be heading on over there right after I finish here.

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  1. I can't knit but I have friends who do. :) I have done a little crocheting (before the Great Textbook Tragedy of 2001 which rendered my hands week and feeble things) but otherwise I'm not really very crafty.

    1. I'm curious. What was the Great Texbook Tragedy of 2001? I think you need to do a post on that. :)