Monday, January 2, 2012

Olives anyone?

Happy New Year, everyone! 

On New Year's we had the traditional grapes, except SAM and Ultraviolet, who rung in the New Year with black olives instead...and the only thing they wished for were more fingers to stick them on.  But they managed to swallow all twelve before midnight, without getting sick in the process, which is no small feat considering they had just finished a large dinner and a bowl of ice cream.  Then we all got dressed in costume and took a stroll around Pamplona, because that's what people do here.  Everywhere else, people dress up in party clothes, but not in Pamplona.  No, Pamplona is different, and here New Year's looks more like Halloween.  People usually dress up as a group with a theme, and some of them get pretty creative.  My favorite was a bunch dressed up as flies, with strainers tied together for eyes, although the group of girls dressed as Duff Man (or would that be Duff Woman?). Anyway, if you want to check out some of the costumes, you can see them here, SAM and one of her friends are even in one of them.  Catgirl didn't come with us, since she's much too old to hang out with her boring old parents and little sisters, so she went to a party instead.  But she did pose for a picture before we left:

So, our year is off to a good start.  And I wonder what the rest of 2012 will bring us?  Who knows, but I hope whatever it is, it will be good.   They say if you put a suitcase near the door on New Year's Eve, you'll travel a lot during the year to come.  I didn't do that, but I did buy a calendar with photos of Greek islands.  I wonder if that will work just as well...  In any case, it looks as though I will have to start looking at holiday deals if I want to go anywhere at all, because we spent most of our savings on this:

Our patio with its sliding glass roof
Before covering

Now it's like we have an extra room, and once we put in a wood stove to heat it, we'll be able to use it year-round.  Even without heating, we've noticed a huge difference in temperature in the rest of the house. It takes much less to heat, and it doesn't cool down as quickly.  And Christmas Day was so nice, that we were able to sit out in the patio and unwrap the presents there:

Christmas out on the patio

The sun heats this up really quickly

And now I think maybe I should just hop on over to Leon, where there's a bakery that's hidden 3,000 Euros inside one of its roscones.  If I find it, I'll be just that much closer to the Greek islands...


  1. Feliz Año amiga.
    Tu patio ha quedado de lujo. Precioso !!!. Qué buenas reuniones se pueden dar ahí :D

  2. I'm liking the olive thing. Personally, I had hoped for donut holes but since they don't have any here and I'm unlikely to knock out even 3 of the 12, I guess I'll have to stick with grapes. Then again, the olives might be worth a try.

  3. Giozi: Gracias y Feliz Año a ti tambien!

    PicklePits: Mmm, donut holes...I haven't had those in years! Olives are pretty heavy too, that's why I leave them to the kids. :)

  4. Wow - your patio room is nice!! I can't see how that roof works, but it must be great to have.

    Fun costumes! And an interesting tradition, too. Maybe your calendar will work .. we can only hope!

  5. Jay: It is great, it's so much warmer in the house. The windows run on a motor and slide open to one side when we want to have it uncovered. :)