Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pamplona is Alive with the Sound of Music

Just a quick post to let you all know I'm still alive.  We've been busy with home improvement again, hanging paintings, Ikea hacking, playing musical chairs with the radiators, and trying to keep the weeds in the garden at bay, so there hasn't been much time for blogging.

And Pamplona is alive too. Alive with the sound of music, that is.

You don't need to visit Pamplona in San Fermin to see interesting street performances; there's almost always a street musician or two around the city, and some are actually not half bad. SAM and I came across these two the other day, and I thought they were good enough to get on video so I could share it with you all:

Lucky for me, I had my Vivaz with me...the result isn't too shabby for a cell phone video. We found them just as they were finishing a song, and when they saw me whip out my phone to record them, they waited until we'd given them a couple of euros to start playing again. It was well worth it to immortalize their performance. I wonder if they'll ever know they're on YouTube....too bad I don't know their names.

And now I'll just get back to my unfinished Ikea project and see if I ever finish...


  1. Siempre me han gustado los músicos callejeros, creo que no hay nada más romántico y nostálgico.

    ... me he reido cuando leí que eran las mismas ilustraciones de cuando eras pequeña ... así que son vintage de verdad :D

  2. Amazing. Pamplona is just as I imagine it - like you say, alive with the sound of music!

  3. Erik: I'm going to put that word next to Fork Stucking in the best made up words on my blog. :D

    Giozi: Estos sí que eran buenos, otros no tanto, pero siempre animan la calle. Y los ilustraciones deben ser de principios del siglo XX, que es cuando se publicaron los libros...un poquitín anterior a mis tiempos. ;)

    ethelmae: Pamplona is interesting, even when there are no bulls in the streets. :)

  4. I would do that for you for ONE Euro. Keep that in mind.

  5. Hi, I found your blog by the comment Rain in Spain and I expected you to be in Galicia :) We spent a fantastic 18 months as expats there 2 years ago so looking forward to following your Spanish journey.

    We are in Australia now but about to move to Bangkok - hopefully our time there is as great as Spain

  6. Hi! I love what you did with the header, it looks great! And I'm flattered that you are still using my picture :) Hugs / axellie

  7. Hi! I don't even know if you're gonna read this but I just discovered your blog. Love it!!
    I live quite next to Pamplona (in Guipuzkoa). Some kilometres to the north. I hope you are enjoying your life here because I think it's such a beautiful place to live. We have so many places to visit.
    I always wanted to go to your country (I'm obsessed with the culture (music, films, TV series...) and I'm actually waiting to finish my college years to go there for a whole year.

    By the way, my name is Arkaitz.