Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Introducing Miguelito.

As you may have noticed, I skipped last week's photo fun contest.  This is in part due to the fact that I'm temporarily out of ideas for photos, but it's mostly because of this:

This is our new kitten, Miguelito el Cariñoso...or Miso, for short.  It's kind of an inside joke, Miguelito el Cariñoso is the name of our favorite restaurant from when we lived in Málaga...ah, good times. Anyway, The Professor said that this cat looks like a Miguelito to him, and he certainly is extremely "cariñoso" (affectionate), so Miguelito el Cariñoso it is.

We weren't planning on getting another cat, two is actually more than enough, but then The Professor found Miguelito limping around in the middle of the road.  We don't know how he got there since there are no houses nearby, and we don't know what happened to his leg, but it didn't look good at all.  At first we thought it might be broken, but the vet said he has nerve damage, and for now it's anybody's guess as to whether he'll recover or not.  We figured that he wouldn't have much of a chance at being adopted with a bad leg, and we couldn't bear the thought of him locked up in a cage for weeks, and the possible outcome if his leg didn't heal, so we decided to keep him.

And he's kept us busy ever since.  Not that he gives us much work, but he's so much fun to play with that he distracts us from all the important business we should be attending to.   It's amazing how he can jump around and play, in spite of having only three working legs.  He mostly drags the other one on the floor when he walks, but every once in a while he tries to move it with his shoulder when he bats at his toys or when digging in the litter box, so I guess that's not entirely a bad sign.  Still, he doesn't seem to feel the leg when we touch it, and in the week he's been here we haven't seen much of an improvement, but it seems that nerve regeneration is an extremely long process, and it may take months for him to recover, if he ever does.  At first it just broke my heart to see him limping around, but the truth is, he manages pretty well and gets around as fast as any normal kitten would.  In fact, he's so fast that at first I wanted to call him Flash, but in Spanish people would have called him "Flas" and the kids and The Professor didn't much like that.

Now his only other obstacle is to get our other two cats to accept him.  Mica is on the brink of adopting him, just like she did with Mus.  She's groomed him a couple of times and has started to play with him, although she still hisses at him occasionally...mostly when he gets over-enthusiastic while trying to attack her tail.  But Mus is a different story.  He's not having any of it.  He barely comes inside the house any more, only long enough to gulp down some food, and only when Miso isn't around.  I think he thinks the house and everything in it belongs to him (including us), and he's highly offended that some little whippersnapper has invaded his private property...and most importantly, our laps.

Oh well, time will fix things.  At least I hope so...otherwise this might end up looking very much like the Spanish government, where the different parties never seem to agree with each other on anything, and all politicians ever seem to do is to attack each other.  I guess animals and humans aren't all that different in the end....


  1. Glad to hear about the little soul. We also have a rescue cat we just adore. I named him, in a flash of originality, I thought, Rocky, because of his survival instinct. Turns out there´s thousands of Rockys (Rockies?) on YouTube. Oh well. He doesn´t care anyway, just glad to be loved, like your pobrecito.

  2. Me encanta Miguelito El Cariñoso. Buena elección :)

  3. What a sweety! Glad he found a good home.

  4. He's adorable! I love the white eyebrow whiskers! :)

    Kittens are very good at distracting humans with their cuteness. They lure us in and by the time they are grown-up cats, it's too late: we're hooked. I speak from experience; we intended to have only 3 cats but ended up with 5 ...

    I hope Miso's leg recovers. Even if it doesn't, he will be just fine. And hopefully Mus will adjust to the interloper so you don't have a reenactment of the politics page in your own house every day. ;)

  5. Miguelito is irresistible, I am myself a cat lover, actually a pet lover and I am always happy when I discover fellow pet lovers. Kisses to the entire family and for Miguelito a kiss from my cat Eugenia :).

  6. With a name like Miso and eyebrows like that, he deserves his own blog. Congrats on the new addition!

  7. Maureen: My mom had a cat named Rocky too. :D You're right, the name isn't the important thing. Cats just want to be loved...and who doesn't?

    Giozi: Me alegro que te guste. :)

    Orneta: He found the best home...he's one pampered cat! :D

    Bud: We have to draw the line at 3, there's no more space, or cash, for more. He still hasn't recovered, but we've seen him trying to use the leg more, and he grooms it, so he must recognize it as his own. I think that's a good sign, but we'll have to wait and see if he ever walks on it again.

    unikorna: Greetings, fellow cat lover...Miguelito sends a kiss back to Eugenia. :)

    K: Maybe a video blog, because typing with only one paw might be a bit time consuming. ;)

  8. Very cute!

    Our local photographer has a Jack Russell named Flash, which always seemed like a pretty cool name for a photographer's dog.

  9. Maaaaaaaa! His name is Misu not Miso!!!!!