Monday, May 16, 2011

Photo Fun #22 Winner

It's been a busy weekend, and a busy Monday of cleaning up after.  SAM had a fencing competition, Catgirl had a birthday party, and one of SAM's friends spent the night last night.  But I'm finally done picking up, and the house has almost returned to it's pre-weekend state.  So, now it's time to announce this week's Photo Fun winner.

This time around, Miss Rosie, of Hello Rosie, guessed the mystery object right off the bat.  Way to go, Miss Rosie!  The photo was of the spring that holds the weights on the weight bar at the gym.  I took it after my Body Pump class, and I was in a bit of a hurry, so the photo wasn't great, but it served it's purpose.  Here's a shot of the whole weight bar:

So, congrats, Miss Rosie!  Thanks to everyone else for playing along...I'll put you all into my next linky-love post.  And now I'm off to sweat some more with the weights in Body Pump....see ya!


  1. yay! I still can't believe I guessed it. Have a great week.