Monday, May 9, 2011

Photo Fun #21 Winner

Well, I still haven't heard from Igor, but I've decided to go ahead with this post anyway. This week's photo was sent to me by Erik, and it's a close up of cheese...and, yes, it has a little mold on it, but that's not an issue with this type of cheese, since it's only on the rind. Igor, the Piranha Whisperer was the one who guessed what it was, although there were quite a few people who did get the mold part.

Here's a photo of the whole cheese, which is Queso de la Serena, a  type of cheese made in Badajoz.  I haven't tasted this kind of cheese before, but we get a similar sort when we visit my in-laws in Cáceres, and if this one is half as good as the one we get, then Erik is one lucky guy!

Anyway, congrats Igor...let me know where you want me to link to.  And thanks to the rest of you for playing along.  I have to say that there were some pretty creative guessers this week, especially Wanda, who guessed that it was a painted yellow line on the pavement.  That deserves a special mention!

Okay, that's all for now, folks.  It's nice out, and that's something we never take for granted here in unpredictable Pamplona, so I'm going outside.  See ya!


  1. One silly question, since I have never ate this type of you cut the mold off first!!!

    Thanks for the special mention, have fun outside, think I'll join ya!

  2. Good question. I was going to ask the same thing.

  3. Tiene una pinta muy mala ese queso, pero generalmente los apestosos están muy ricos :D
    A mi me encantan todos los quesos, tooodos, soy una ratona.

  4. Yes. You cut the mold and all of the crust off and just eat the creamy center. It's delicious, but quite strong.

  5. Hey guys, I've been outside lately since it's like summer over here. Igor asked me to link to The Oatmeal, so I did. And thanks for the info about the cheese, Erik. I'll have to try it some time and see if it's similar to the Torta del Casar. :)

  6. Judging from the wikipedia pages, it looks like Queso de la Serena and Torta del Casar are pretty much identical. Same coagulation agent, same sheep source, etc. It's just a Badajoz vs. Cáceres thing.