Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Foto Fun #23 Winner

Well, this week's photo contest had an unexpected outcome.  There is a winner, but he's renounced the prize.  It seems he was just passing through, and he left the winning comment on his way.  So, I'll leave the link the way it is until the next contest, but the least I can do is to congratulate Manuel on his guess.  So, give it up for Manuel for guessing that my photo was of La Bocca della Verità in Rome.

I was running out of ideas for mystery objects, so I started looking though some of our old photos, and I ended up using one from our trip to Rome las June.  Here I am doing the silly, touristy thing, while The Professor takes my picture.

Guess I must not have told any lies, because my hand is still in one piece...either that, or I'm such a good liar that I was even able to fool this guy.

Okay folks, that's it for this week. I will try to do a real post before Friday, but I can't promise anything. And if not, come back on Friday for more photo fun!


  1. Pues jamas hubiera acertado, yo pensé que era el hueco de un árbol :D

  2. That reminds me of the ancient "magic donkey" lie detector:
    In 1500 B.C. in India, a priest put lampblack on the tail of a donkey and led the donkey into a dark room. Suspects were told to go into the room and pull the "magic" donkey's tail, for the "magic" donkey could determine dishonesty. When the suspects returned from the room their hands were examined. Those with clean hands obviously did not pull the donkey's tail, indicating their fear of being exposed, and, consequently, their dishonesty.

  3. Giozi: Ya sé que ha sido un poco dificil esta vez, pero se me acaban las ideas...

    Erik: That's brilliant!