Monday, April 11, 2011

Photo Fun #18 Winner

And we have a winner!

This week's winner is once again Igor the Piranha Whisperer, who seems to be quite knowledgeable about things that can be found in nature. He guessed my lodestone photo and this week he guessed that my mystery object was a cactus flower. I'm really curious as to just who this guy is, and why he's called the Piranha Whisperer...maybe someday he'll tell us.

Anyway, here's the cactus.  I saw this in Park Güell on my trip to Barcelona, and I thought the flowers were interesting.

So, good job, Igor!  He sent me a message to let me know that this time he wanted me to link to The Annoying Orange, so I looked it up on You Tube.  I said I wouldn't link to violence, but I never said anything about fruit violence, and besides, it's just some good old fruity fun.

Thanks everyone for playing along.  I'll be back on Friday with another mystery object, so don't miss out!


  1. Ay se me pasó esta photo fun ... :)

  2. Were it not for my inconsistent access to your blog, I'm sure I'd have won every single one of these. Yea, um, for sure.

    So I guess we have to thank the Turkish gov't for blocking my access and thereby opening up the game to everyone.

  3. giozi: La próxima vez será. :)

    Jocelyn: I have no doubt about it. :D

  4. Oh these! They have those tiny hairs/prickles/spikes that you can never get out of your skin, trust me I fell into one once