Sunday, March 27, 2011

Photo Fun #16 Winner

The winner of this week's photo contest was Igor the Piranha Whisperer, who said that this week's mystery object was a lodestone, or, in other words, a magnetic rock.  Now, that's a pretty unusual object, and the truth is, I hadn't expected anyone to guess it, but I saw it lying around the other day and decided to use it, since I thought the photo would be pretty interesting.  I did think someone might guess it was a rock of some sort, and I would have given it to the first person to say "rock", but Igor went one step further and specified exactly what kind of rock it was.  So, way to go Igor!

Here's my pair of lodestones (you can see the iron filings standing up on them):

So, Igor's our winner, and since he doesn't have a blog, he asked me to link to his favorite on-line series, The Guild.  I'd never seen this show before, but I started watching it and it's hilarious.  So, check it out.

That's it for this week's contest.  Thanks for playing everyone, and make sure to stop by tomorrow for the first installment of my Barcelona series.


  1. Congratulations, Igor!
    I just watched season 4 of the Guild last night on Netflix. Great show!

  2. Wow! This just gives me the desire of visiting Spain soon. I hope I can someday. :))