Monday, March 14, 2011

Photo Fun #15 Winner

I'm a little late getting this post up, partially because I've been unpacking and cleaning up after our weekend away, but mostly because my computer seems to have gone a bit haywire. For some reason my firewall keeps turning itself off, and I've spent all morning trying to figure out what is wrong with it. I suspect the computer may be infected with some sort of virus or something.  But so far my anti-virus hasn't found a thing, and I may just end up having to reinstall Windows....sigh.

But enough of my computer woes. Now it's time to announce this week's Photo Fun winner. This week Wanda, of the Fickle Forgettery  gave the most precise answer. She guessed that the mystery object was the cap of a black marker, and that's exactly right. Well, I actually took the photo of the top view of the whole marker itself, standing on it's end, but all you could see was the cap.

 And here it is:

So, congrats to Wanda, and thanks to everyone else for playing along.  Oh, and before I forget, next week there won't be a contest, since I'll be leaving on Friday for a week-long trip to Barcelona.  But before I leave, I'll be doing a couple of posts on the trip we took last weekend.  And tomorrow's Sam's birthday, so stay tuned for a special post on that.  If my computer behaves, that is.


  1. Darn! I almost guessed "edding 3000", too!

    Nice streamers, by the way.

  2. WOO..HOO, I finally got one right!!

    This one was kinda easy, since I use to work at Sanford Newell Rubbermaid, where I made Sharpie permenant markers and highlighters. That doesn't disqualify me does it?

  3. Erik: The streamers are still from The Professor's birthday, and we just left them up for Sam's.

    Wanda: Wow, you must be a marker expert. Congrats on winning! And I just fixed the button...everything is taking me forever to get done today. But now it's done. :)

  4. ahhhhhhh pues nunca hubiera dado.

  5. Sharpies are somewhat of an obsession among office supply geeks...or so I've heard from, you know, other people... Mmmm... Sharpies.....