Monday, March 28, 2011

Not Vicky, Not Cristina, but Definitely Barcelona

Okay, now that the photo contest is out of the way, it's time to start telling you about my Barcelona adventure.  As you know, I went to meet my friend Heidi, whom I hadn't seen in twenty years, and I must say, it was quite a reunion.

Here we are after all those years

But before I get to that, Heidi decided that "H" is a pretty boring blog name, so we wracked our brains over mojitos and margaritas (which is the best way to think, or at least the most enjoyable way), trying to come up with a more suitable name.  And we finally found one.  Here's how it happened:

I saw "my" saint, Santa Teresa, in one of the churches we visited.  See, here I am with the sign:

I'm no virgin, nor a saint, but they got the Jesús part right.
Heidi said it wasn't fair that she doesn't have a saint, since there aren't any that share her name.  But her middle name is Ann, so I said that her saint would be Santa Ana.

Later, when we were sitting around with our mojitos trying to think of a blog name, we decided that Santa Ana it would be.  I guess the mojitos had gone to our heads just a little and it just seemed fitting, and pretty darned funny too, for Santa Ana and Mother Theresa to have a grand adventure in Barcelona together.

Nothing as exciting as what goes on in the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona happened on our trip, but we did have a pretty interesting time.  We aren't crazy, but we aren't saints either, so we drank plenty of beer, wine and cocktails, got slightly lost, ate some terrific tapas, wrote on the wall in a bar, fended off flower-bearing gypsies, saw a construction accident, and watched a guy get his pocket picked.  We also briefly considered getting a tattoo, like this one, to commemorate our trip:
Yes, that's really La Sagrada Familia, tattooed on some guy's leg.
But we finally settled on getting these bracelets instead.  Mostly because they were cheaper than the tattoo:

Bracelet buddies forever

Even without the bracelet, I'd never forget this trip.  We laughed a lot, we talked even more, until really late at night, and we got up early and joked about swiping food from the breakfast buffet (but I swear we didn't, really, we didn't).  Then, we hit the town and walked all day long, even though Santa Ana was stricken with a mysterious foot ailment that caused her foot to swell up to twice it's normal size.  Okay, maybe not that much, although it did look pretty bad.  But she was a real trooper and wouldn't let her foot get in the way of enjoying the trip.  We saw most of the typical tourist attractions, as well as some more unusual things, and we took hundreds (thousands even) of pictures of the fabulous city that is Barcelona.  And we did it for six days, though it seemed like a lot less.

And even though we hadn't seen each other in ages, it really didn't feel strange at all when we met this time.  I'll have to admit that I was a little worried before the trip.  I mean, Skype is great and all, and we were very good friends in high school, but you can never really be sure how things will go when you see someone again after so many years.  But it wasn't awkward or weird or anything.  Sure we've both changed at least a little, and now we're both married and have kids, and we live thousands of miles apart, but whatever the connection we had in high school, it was still there.  And while we did talk a little about the past and the people we knew back then, we didn't need it to keep the conversation going, as so often happens when you get together with old friends.  It was great seeing Santa Ana again, and I can say that, at least for my part, I had a wonderful time.

Now we're planning our next trip together.  We agreed to try to do another one within the next five years.  To Budapest maybe.

And if we win the lottery, we'll do it even sooner.

But before that, I'll be doing several posts on what we saw on this trip.  So, come back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about the My Favorite Things walking tour we did on our first day in Barcelona.  It was actually an excellent way to start our stay, since we got a really good overview of the city and some great tips on shops, bars and restaurants.


  1. Sí sí, las pulseras mejor, más baratas y menos dolorosas.
    Qué alegría que te reecontraras con tu amniga.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Glad you had a lovely time, and I'd love to hear your comments on the tour, I could recommend it on to other folks who come if it was that good.

  3. It looks like you ladies had a blast. I'm glad. I like your bracelets.

  4. I'm glad you both had a good time! One of these days, I'm going to manage to get across the ocean, so I can enjoy a wacky adventure, too.

    The first thing I thought of when I saw "Santa Ana" is the wind. ;) I'm sorry, but I don't think Heidi is much like a big, hot wind from the desert ...LOL! I would suggest "Santa Anita" but that makes me think of the racetrack and that doesn't remind me of her much, either. Then there is "Santa Anna", they guy who attacked the Alamo, but that doesn't seem like her either. Maybe I should have a mojito and get back to you ... :)

  5. giozi: Y que lo digas...lo del tatuaje era una broma, obviamente. Y sí, fue toda una alegría encontrarme de nuevo con ella. :)

    Oreneta: Barcelona is a beautiful city, I loved it. And the tour was excellent.

    Asha: We sure did have fun!

    Bud: Yeah, we were thinking people might think of the Santa Ana winds...but only Californians, I guess. And the winds must be named after some place called Santa Ana...maybe the mountains? So, I guess we could call her Saint Anne, but then it wouldn't be Spanish anymore...and since we picked the name in Spain, it seems like it should be. Maybe we all need mojitos to figure this out. Looks like you both will have to come over so we can have them together. :D

  6. Oh my gosh, I have enjoyed this post SO MUCH!! Glad you and Santa Ana had a great time...glad you didn't get that tattoo either, lol.

    Thanks for the tip too....I will try to think while drinking Margaritas.

  7. Thanks so much for reviewing MYFT!Im glad it was a positive experience. Im going to Barcelona in a few months and wanted to make sure they were legit before I booked with them and INDEED they are. Hurrah.