Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday SAM

I have several posts in the making of our trip to Santander, and of our visit with my blogging buddy, Erik, and his lovely family, but first things first.  Today is a very special day that requires a very special post.

Today SAM turns 14.

It's hard to believe that not so very long ago she was a little blond ballerina, all dressed in red  (please excuse the video quality, it was all I could salvage of one of our home movies):

But now she's given up dancing for fencing, and she's gone from asking for cookies to conversations about parallel universes and Greek myths.  SAM's always been my poetic, creative child, and that hasn't changed a bit.  When she wants to say that Catgirl has a tendency to lose things, she says stuff like "Catgirl has a black hole trailing behind her like a little dog."  In English, no less.  She's an artist at heart, and she takes the mundane and makes it special.

So, to my not-so-little-anymore artist, here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday!


  1. Felicitaciones guapísima.
    Buaaaaaaaaaaa no se puede parar el tiempo un poquito?
    Lo estoy viviendo y no me lo termino de creer, se pasa tan rápido.

    Sam está hecha toda una señorita.
    Por cierto.. sabes mucho sobre mitología griega?

  2. 14, huh? Same age as my Tabitha! Beautiful kid ya got there! And you won a prize over at Glitter Frog!

  3. Guapa! What fun times! I have two March babies, but they are all grown up, just turned 13 and soon to be 16...HELP!!!