Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That Tree Got Your Goat?

The Professor has just returned from a week-long conference in Morocco, and he brought these with him:

In reality, these are tea glasses, but we'll be using them to drink wine, because we like wine much better than tea.  And who doesn't?  Well, apparently the Moroccans don't.  I'm sure they would throw their hands in the air in horror if they saw us drinking wine out of tea glasses, but we'll risk their disapproval, and partake of the nectar of the gods (mine, not theirs) in our pretty new glasses anyway.

The Professor also brought me this:

No, it's not what it looks like. At first glance, this might look like a sample of something you turn in at the doctor's office, but it's really oil. Argan oil. It's supposed to be good for the skin and hair, and you can even cook with it too. It's said to remedy arthritis, but I don't have that, so I can't vouch for it's effectiveness. But it is great for the hair. Smells kind of funky, though, kind of like popcorn. Now I don't much fancy smelling like popcorn, so I mix it with a few drops of grapefruit essential oil and that does the trick nicely.

But I didn't post this to tell you about how soft and shiny my hair is, although it really is soft and shiny. No, I wanted to tell you about the tree this oil comes from. The funny thing about the Argan tree, which is similar to an olive tree, is that you can find goats climbing in it.

Yeah, you heard me right. Goats. Tree-climbing goats. Now what could be better blog fodder than that?  The Professor didn't actually get to see the tree-climbing goats, but I found a video. You can watch them here:

It seems they like the fruits, but they can't digest the pits that are inside those fruits, so they either spit the nuts out, or eliminate them in a much more unpleasant manner. Better out than in, I guess. Then the Moroccan farmers come and pick up the pits and press them to extract the oil. So, basically, I'm putting something that's been pooped by a goat on my hair. There's something I never thought I'd say. But my hair looks so great that I'm willing to overlook it.

I just hope those pits were well washed beforehand.


  1. That might be the best video on all of YouTube.

    It was the first one I watched on my iPhone after I didn't believe someone in a bar claim they'd seen goats climbing in a tree.

    P.S. Let me know whenever you want to have a "tea party" and drink lots of "tea" (wink, wink).

  2. nice glasses. I love white wine glasses, but not white wine as such. So, I drink coke, juice, ... out of it ;-)

  3. We've packed all of our wine glasses so I'm sipping mine from paper Dixie cups with Dora and Diego running up and down the sides. Classy, I know. And the more I drink the more acceptable it is so Shhhh...don't rat me out.

    I can't help but wonder if the pooped pits would help my locks. I've been blessed by the family curse; a balding mother and comb over father.

  4. OK, where do I start? I like tea better than wine, so there ;p

    Those goats in the tree? LOVE that.

    Why do you put oil in your hair? When? I am confused. I also have dry hair so info might be welcome.

  5. So does it fall mainly on the plain?

    And Happy Presidents Pets Day - the day after Presidents Day, as I like to call it. In the US, we love our presidents..... pets. See my blog if you’re in the mood for a good ol' irreverent howl.

  6. This explains why there is no label on the bottles of argan oil: no one wants to buy something with a picture of goat poop on it. Although a picture of the goats climbing the tree would be kind of cute. Maybe they should make up some story about how the goats pick the nuts for the farmers (and gloss over the nasty details of exactly HOW they pick them).

  7. Really nice glasses, as for the goats, seeing them climb trees can't be any stranger than seeing my late Uncle Liston climb the old oak tree on his farm. Heck, he even looked like a goat.

  8. Erik: I didn't belive it either at first. And hey, we'll be having lots of "tea" parties, so you're welcome to join us anytime.

    Soe: Oh, we'll be drinking red wine and rosé wine too, any wine will do. But they'd work for coke and juice too. So, if you want to join the "tea" party, feel free.

    PicklePits: My lips are sealed...except to let the wine through. The oil might actually be good for your hair, they say if you massage you scalp with it, it strengthens the hair so it breaks less.

    Jim: Yeah, you're right. :)

    oreneta: Okay, okay, not everybody likes wine better than tea. ;) The goats are funny, aren't they? I never would have believed they could climb trees if I hadn't seen this video. My hair gets kind of frizzy and that's why I use a tiny bit of oil to tame it. You can put the oil in after washing, when it's still wet, or after it's dry, and then you style as usual. Coconut oil and jojoba work well too. I used to use those with a few drops of jasmine essential oil, but you can add any essence you like. You only need a few drops and be careful not to get it too close to the roots. It does wonders for dry hair, and it smells nice too.

    Nick Thomas: Actually, no. The rain in Spain falls mostly in Galica, which is in the northwest. But the whole north part is pretty rainy in general, and we get our fair share here in Pamplona. I'm on my way to check out those pets!

    Bud: Yeah, a picture of the goats in the tree would have been neat. But then people might start asking questions, and sales might drop. ;)

    Beach Bum: Now that's a video I'd like to see! ;)

  9. Ewwwww! You're washing your hair in poop oil!! ROFL!!

    Worse yet you might be EATING poop oil! Hahahahahahahaha!!

    Great video. I've heard of tree-climbing goats, and seen photos, but never a video. Thanks for that! Raised a smile here. :)

  10. Hi!
    Estoy descubriendo tu blog (vía Giozi, y me ha encantado tu estilo! Seguiré visitándote! :)
    Lo de las cabras trepadpras de árboles me pareció genial... supongo que el espíritu de sobrevivencia potencia las cualidades al máximo...
    Un abrazo.

  11. Now...as far as the oil...are goats
    attracted to your hair as much as to the trees? I need to know because I don't want to use it and have a goat climb on me.

  12. Jay: Well, I looked up argan oil on Wikipedia, and it did say that nowadays the pits are collected in a more modern, sanitary way...so, I'll just believe it's true...I hope! ;)

    Vane G: Hola! Me alegro que te haya gustado el blog...vuelve cuando quieras. Y lo de las cabras me pareció super curioso, quien iba a decir que esos bichos sabían trepar así. :)

    Juana: So far, no goats in my hair...but then again, we don't get too many goats around these parts, so I can't say for sure. :D