Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photo Fun #12 Winner

Okay, we have a winner for this week's photo contest. This time around it was my brother-in-law, Jim Liebgott-Osinga. Congrats Jim! And since he doesn't have a blog or a personal page of any sort, he asked me to link to the tourism site of the state he lives in. So, this week my big red button will be linked to the Visit Nebraska page.

And now on to our object. Jim guessed that my mystery object was an eyelash curler and that's exactly what it is. It's not really mine, it's Catgirl's. I used to have one of those, back in the days when I worried about giving my eyelashes that extra oomph, so they would be much more effective when batting them at the boys. But I gave up the batting years ago, and with it my eyelash curler, so I had to borrow this one from Catgirl.

Well, that's all for this week.  But don't forget to come back next Friday, because we'll be having a very special guest submission.  Yes, that's right, next week's object will be picked by a mystery person.  And, if you want to know who, just come back on Friday and you'll find out.


  1. As an ovarily-challenged human, I am baffled by these medieval-torture/surgery-looking devices. I have never consciously noticed a girl's eyelashes and thought, "Wow, those are some curly lashes! She'd make a good mate!" But perhaps it works on a subconscious level as part of a general "pretty eyes" phenomenon...who knows?

    I can't wait to find out who the guest submitter is!

  2. Thanks for the game. I love playing...even if I'm a terrible guesser.

    Erik, I dare you to try it out. If you're so inclined, hold your hand steady - any sudden movement and you'll be screamin' like a banshee.

    Have a great week, all!

  3. Erik: This is one of the lesser torture devices...when you start talking hair removal, now that can be real torture. I think the curly eyelash thing works because it makes women feel pretty, and if they feel pretty they act more confident, and that might be what does the trick. But that's just my theory...

    The mystery guest? You'll just have to wait and see!

    PicklePits: Glad you have fun, keep trying! And it looks like Erik will have to watch out, I think there's a whole horde of bloggers just waiting to pounce on him. :D