Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photo Fun #11 Winner

With all the changes around here some of you might think you're in the wrong place, but this is still The Rain in Spain.  And if you're here to see who won this week's Photo Fun contest, I'll tell you.  Erik of Erik's Blog, is once again the best guesser in the land.  This week's mystery object was a turkey, or meat baster.  And here you have it, straight from the dishwasher after it's sterling performance in the making of the chicken we had for lunch yesterday:

This baby has been with us since we crossed the pond over 18 years ago, and it has served us long and well.  Yes, we actually brought a turkey baster over from the U.S.  Nowadays, you can easily find them here in Spain, but 18 years ago it was an unusual item. 

And before I let you all go, a good point was made in the comments about the time difference between Europe and the U.S.  So for next week's contest, I'll put up the post in the late afternoon to give everyone a chance to start at the same time.

And tomorrow, in honor of Valentine's Day, I'll be spreading a little linky love to everyone who has participated in the contest so far, so come on by to check out the competition.  And for all of you that have been lurking in the background, and are now beating yourselves over the head with a turkey baster for never having left a comment, I will extend the deal to you as well.  All you have to do is leave a comment on today's post.  But, a word of warning, I will not link to any pornoblogs or other obscene sites, blogs dedicated to substances that enhance the male organism, nor blogs that exist only to sell stuff.

Do I make myself clear?  Good.

So, go on, comment away.  But your comment has to be in before Monday morning (Spanish time), because I'll be busy with my own Valentine's Day after that.


  1. some of the others and I had a plan to locate and hog tie Erik for next week. I'm glad we don't have to now. I bet he's a biter.

  2. {rubbing hands together in anticipation}....ooh, I can't wait! Thanks for the time consideration. Now I don't have to stay up til 1AM to get a shot at redemption.

  3. Bring it on!

    No, seriously, I'm gonna wait until Saturday to give you time zonally challenged folks a chance.

    But I'm pretty sure next week is going to be a spatula of some sort. FYI...

  4. Hola, teresa^^, nose si lo e entendido del todo, pero creo que t acabas de inventar un torneo en el que gana el que tenga la mejor historia/video de amor sobre el dia de san valentín no? si lo e entendido bien claro ^^
    sino, contestame lo que es correcto por que querria participar, si me dejas claro, y si es necesario lo intento en inglés, un besiko

  5. Asha: No physical violence around here please! But verbal sparring is highly long as it's creative. ;)

    PicklePits: Yeah, I hadn't really thought about it before. So, next time I'll be putting up the post around 5 or 6 my time.

    Erik: Easy boy! And shh, no early clues. ;)

    Pablosky: No, hoy solo hay que dejar un comentario y en el siguiente post pondré un enlace a todos los blogs de las personas que han comentado y las que han participado en el concurso de los viernes. Los viernes pongo una foto de un objeto sacado muy de cerca, y hay que adivinar lo que es. Así que no hace falta historia ni video hoy, pero si nos quieres contar una historia de amor en tu blog, nos encantaría leerla. :)

  6. Visão estonteneante neste sítio, post como aqui está emotivam ao indivíduo que aparecer aqui :)
    Faz maior quantidade do teu blog, aos teus cybernautas.