Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Bit of Love Goes a Long Way

Okay, as I promised, today I'll be spreading a little linky love to celebrate Valentine's Day.  But before I do, I'd like to point out some of the less obvious changes I've made around here.  I been wanting to give my blog a less cluttered look, so I've moved some of the stuff I had on my sidebar to separate pages.  You can now find my blogroll, the little "about me" blurb, and my awards if you click on the tabs at the top of the page.  I highly recommend that you do, especially the blogroll, because there are some excellent blogs out there just waiting for you to find them.

But today you can find some of those excellent blogs right here, without even having to lift a finger.  Well, okay, technically you do need to lift your finger and actually click on the links, because as far as I know no one has yet invented the telepathically activated link.

Here's a list of all the people who have participated in my Friday Photo Fun contest so far, plus all those who left a comment on yesterday's post.  I'm putting the links in order of appearance, mostly because I'm too lazy to put them in alphabetical order.

So come on and get that finger moving, and participate in this linky love fest:
  1. giozi, who shares crafts and lots cute photos of her kids:  Las Mil y Una Metidas de Pata
  2. Erik, the guy you should all know by now:  Erik's Blog 
  3. Asha, with her wild and wacky humor:  Random Ramblings of an Agnostic Mom
  4. FionaCat, or the girl I call Bud:  A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep
  5. rea, a Canadian living the Spanish dream:  Not So Spanish
  6. Jay, who likes Johnny Depp as much as I do:  The Depp Effect
  7. Jocelyn, the woman who is living a brave adventure over in Turkey:  O Mighty Crisis
  8. A woman who's nickname is Shimp:  Land of Shimp
  9. Karen DeWitz, who will tell you just how busy life with two boys can be:  Mama Ragout
  10. Santa, who is trying to be fabulous and is pretty good at it:  Being Joan
  11. Johnny Ancich, who draws really cool cartoons:  Past Expiry
  12. Jason, who is an optometry student:
  13. Alex, an Englishman in France:  A Languedoc Journal
  14. Oreneta, a Canadian in Catalonia:  Oreneta Aground
  15. ajpoliquit, who's quite the traveler:  The Transcendental Tourist 
  16. MikeH, an American author living in England:  Postcards From Across The Pond
  17. Beach Bum, who writes some great short stories:  The Life and Times of a Carolina Parrothead
  18. A very religious guy with a private blog.
  19. Wanda, who has a lot of interesting random thoughts.  Tailfeather Chronicles.
  20. ethelmaepotter!, a hilariously disgruntled postal worker:  The Adventures of Fred and Ethel  
  21. Static, who is funny (enter at your own risk):  Krapsody
  22. PicklePits, the brave mom of three kids:  Life in the Pickle Jar
  23. Pablosky, the boy who came over for dinner, aka Catgirl's boyfriend.
So, Happy Valentine's Day to you all.  Now, start clicking those links and spread the love.


  1. I like the new look :-)
    Rainy greetings from Iceland.

  2. Spring Cleaning? I did the same. I figured that my blog was the ONE place my kids couldn't annhilate. Ho hum, we'll see.

    Thanks for the love. I'm looking forward to crusin' and perusin'


  3. How lovely of you! Thank you so much for the link! :)

    I've only read three of those blogs, so you can be sure that I'll be checking the others out over the next few days!

  4. That might be the most apt post thumbnail ever. Bravo.

    And who is that handsome lad at that #2 blog? Qué guapo!

  5. Happy Valentines Day! ♥

    Thank you for the link, love your new look! Im checking out some of the others.

  6. Cómo me ha sorprendido tu nuevo blog, está precioso.
    Un besote y Feliz San Valentin ;)

  7. Thank you for once again reminding me what an incredibly unimaginative name my blog has.

    I've checked out several of these. Good stuff!

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new look!!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  9. Thanks for the linky love, hun!

  10. Something for you...

  11. Hey thanks, hope you and your family had a good one!

  12. SOe: Thanks! It's rainy here too.

    PicklePits: Yup, I needed a change, so I took the plunge. It's true, our blogs are one of the few places our kids can't make a mess in. ;)

    Jay: Hope you enjoy 'em, and I hope people find their way over to yours too.

    Erik: Yeah, I thought it was perfect. Yes, very handsome and with such an original blog name. ;) No, but seriously, I think it is very cool that when you type "Erik's Blog" in Google, your blog is the first thing that shows up.

    Wanda: Thanks, glad you like it.

    giozi: Gracias y feliz día a ti también, aunque un día tarde. :)

    Lanita: Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day to you too (now a day late)

    Asha: Okay, I'll check it I'm curious. What could it be?

    Beach Bum: Hope you had a great Valentine's too.

  13. Wow gracias for the mention! I hope I have better luck in your contests this year. No kitchen tools, por fa. Jeje!