Monday, February 7, 2011

Hoe-der chico! Photo Fun #10 Winner

Okay, we have a winner! Yet again, it's Erik of Erik's Blog. He said it was a trowel, but he also said "hoe-der", which is a little Spanglish word play involving the Spanish word "joder" (you'll have to look it up if you want to know what that means). And I'm assuming from those two things, that he meant this:

It's not really a trowel, I would call it a mini-hoe, and I'm not sure if it has some other name. No one else even came close, although there were a few other garden tool guesses, such as hedge clippers or shears. So congrats Erik, both for winning and for your very creative answer. And thanks to everyone else for playing along. And, no, I swear we are not in cahoots on this....Erik's just a very good guesser.


  1. Seriously, the only thing that came to my mind for some reason was the bottom of a soda can. Glad to see I did not embarrass myself.

  2. The angle was very well chosen. It wasn't at all clear. But the parallel wear marks made me think of gardening.

    I'll just put my bribe in the usual account for next week? :-)

  3. You are the #1 referrer to my blog for Feb 7. My advertising revenue is really paying off!

  4. Beach Bum: You go ahead and guess, you never know when you might be right.

    Erik: Looks like I'm going to have to raise my rates. ;)

  5. Well, poot. I missed the photo challenge! Not that I'd have guessed that one in a million years, so well done Erik!