Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Fifth Element Test

Well, I promised a follow-up on Saturday's meeting of The Boyfriend, so here goes.  First, I'll introduce him to you, because he really needs a name, other than The Boyfriend.

You see, Catgirl read the post I wrote about the situation, and she showed it to him.  It seems he was amused, which says quite a lot for his level of English and his sense of humor.  It's is a good thing too, because any boy that's going to survive around here will need a sense of humor. 

And not only was he amused, he even started his own blog.  He calls himself Pablosky.  If you like, you can read about his impressions on meeting the scary parents of his girlfriend.  It is in Spanish, so apply Google Translate as needed. (2012 update: he removed his blog, so if you haven't read it before, you're out of luck).

There, now you know him, so from here on out, I'll  just call him Pablosky.

So, Pablosky and Catgirl went out for a walk around Pamplona in the afternoon, and Catgirl had strict instructions to be home by nine.  They didn't get home until quarter to ten, alleging they'd missed the bus.  She sent a text to my phone, which I didn't see right away.

Not a good start.

Now, I could blame it all on Pablosky...I could pull a that-no-good-boyfriend-is-a-bad-influence-on-my-sweet-innocent-little-girl thing.   Aren't parents supposed to do that?  But the way I see it, Catgirl is the one who had to be home on time, so she should be responsible enough make sure she doesn't miss the bus. If you're old enough to date, you're old enough to get yourself home on time.  Or else.  Oh, and next time, call home, don't text me.  Save the texting for your friends.

That incident aside, the evening went quite well.  Pablosky seems like a nice, polite kid, but that's only a first impression.  The parents of Ted Bundy's first girlfriend probably thought he was just a nice, normal teenage boy the first time she brought him home too.  So, there's no telling.  But the first impression was good.  We had pizza and we put him through the Fifth Element Test.  The Fifth Element is one of our favorite films, and every potential boyfriend must pass the test of watching it.  Did he like it?  Well, I'm not sure, but he managed not to make any wisecracks or fall asleep, so he passed.

And he blogs, which makes him okay in my book.

But don't get the wrong idea, Pablosky.  We're still Catgirl's parents, and just because we like you doesn't mean we won't be keeping an eye on you.  Sorry, but we're just doing our job.

Hey, maybe I should make him sit through this and see what happens:

Just kidding.  That would be cruel and unusual punishment...even for a daughter's boyfriend.


  1. I am reading your blog since some time, but never wrote a comment. Now, I have too :-)
    The 5th element? I LOVE this movie! How can this be a test? Do you really know someone who doesn´t like this movie? ;-)

  2. SOe: Hey, thanks for visiting, and leaving a comment. Well, I've actually heard a few people say it's terrible, and with teenagers you never know what they'll like.

  3. I thought The Fifth Element was pretty terrible. I guess that means I can't date your daughter?

  4. I've never seen The Fifth Element, but now I'm sufficently intrigued that I must see it, if for no reason to discover the test!
    Maybe you should make him watch that video - make them both watch it, then they'll appreciate the simple 'Be home by nine' instructions.
    Here's to not living in the 40's!

  5. Pablosky seems like a nice chap.

    I actually watched that entire 12 minute video. Ugh.

    I'm with Simon. Not a big 5E fan, myself. Oh well...

    We should all be so lucky to have bloggers for our daughters' suitors.

  6. Pablosky se está haciendo conocido, jajaja.
    Que situación tan rara, no me imagino en ella, pero cuando menos lo piense en un pestañeo ya estaré en la misma situación.
    Bueno, el primer novio rara vez es el de toda la vida, ay que mal augurio doy, en fin, pero lo fundamental es que tenga una experiencia bonita y que el balance de esta relación sea positivo, porque quien no ha llorado por amor? y llegará el momento aunque no se desee.

  7. I really like the way you're creating a relationship with him--both through your daughter, personally, and as a family. Even more, I like that you'd hold your daughter responsible for not getting her own self home on time. YES.

    Oh, and I totally wish you were here to bop me with a tp roll for calling a trip to Italy "consolation." It's making me laugh this week to be a spoiled brat about the whole thing.

  8. I've seen this video before. Pretty humorous, eh?

    Sounds like you are a fun family. The boyfriend is lucky to be spending some time with your daughter...and all of you!


  9. Cool he put up a blog...and yes, she has to be responsible for getting herself home in time too.

  10. The joys of raising a teenage daughter, my how I miss those years! Its good that you have a sense of humor, makes the transition from teenager to adult go a lot smoother.

  11. Simon: I guess it's one of those love it or hate it kind of films, and even if you had liked it, you're just a tiny bit too old for my daughter. ;)

    Ethelmae: See the film and decide for yourself. Like I said, I think it's a sort of either you love it or you hate it kind of thing. And I think if I showed them the video, they'd think I'd gone completely nuts...it's just so so different from what goes on now, and I think they can't imagine what things used to be like. Thank God. :)

    Erik: Yeah, I think he's a nice kid. And, really? You watched the whole thing? Because I imagine you don't need advice on what to do on a date at this point in your life.

    giozi: Bueno, te quedan unos años, así que de momento no te preocupes.

    Jocelyn: To both things, I can't imagine it any other way. And, don't worry, I won't bop you as long as you promise to let me live vicariously through you...I've been to Rome and I loved it, but I haven't seen any more of Italy, so I want photos, and lots of your wonderful stories.

    Sue: I can't believe they actually used to show that stuff to kids. And I hope the boy will feel at home and be comfortable with us. That's the only way I can see getting through these years with three daughters.

    Orneta: Yeah, any boy that blogs can't be all bad, right? And you bet she's responsible!

    Wanda: I think if I didn't have a sense of humor I'd be having a really hard time right now.

  12. You put a link to his blog?? O.o

  13. I think it's great that you don't automatically throw all the blame on Pablosky. Too many parents have that whole "not my baby" attitude.
    By the way, I have an award for you. Be sure to check it out.

  14. The Fifth Element is a riot, I like the visuals, the action, and the comedy. No one involved seems to be taking it seriously. which is a plus for me.

    Star Wars episodes one through three should have done the same thing, they were terrible.

  15. Asha: Nope, if she's old enough to go out, she's old enough to take responsibility for her actions. Thanks for the award...I'm on my way!

    Beach Bum: Yeah, the fact that it's not a serious science fiction film is one of the things I like about it. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but I might be if they'd done it in a similar style. I guess now I'd better put up a force field or something to protect myself from indignant Star Wars fans. ;)

  16. I like the old star wars movies. I am bored too death with the new ones. Okay, I didn´t watched the 3rd one, as every DVD (tried it 3 or 4 times) has some error :(