Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photo Fun #9 Winner

And this week's winner is once again Erik, of Erik's Blog. Mystery object #9 was a stack of CDs...not on a spool, as Erik suggested, but still a stack of CDs. So, congratulations to Erik and thanks to everyone for playing.

Here's a photo of my stack of CDs:

Okay, that's all for this week's photo fun....come back next Friday for another chance to win!  


  1. Never would have guessed that in a million years.

  2. You know everytime you show the picture of what it is from a normal view, I always want to smack myself in the forehead and say "D'oh!"

  3. Good thing I didn't have to guess that the top one was the Dog Whisperer dude. :-)

  4. The photo from the contest is really excellent--it conjures up all sorts of possibilities...and then we find out it's Cesar Milan!

  5. Beach Bum: Funny, I thought this one was going to be so easy...and others that I thought were difficult turned out not to be. So much for my judgment.

    Asha: Yeah, that happens to me too...luckily I'm the one running the contest, so I don't have to guess. ;)

    Erik: If you had, you'd have been wrong. That's an aerobics music CD by Cesar's his link: I don't have a dog, so the Dog Whisperer would be kind of useless to me....unless it works on cats. :D

    Jocelyn: What sort of possibilities? Now I'm curious as to what your imagination was up to! :D