Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Photo Fun #9

Okay folks, it's that time again.  Time for our weekly photo guessing game!  I think this week's object is a pretty easy one, but I've been too busy playing with my new phone to go hunting for something trickier.  So, you know what to do.  Guess what the mystery object is, and the first person to do so correctly wins a link to my big red button.

I'm sure you guys will guess this right off, but in the unlikely event that you don't, I'll post a clue tomorrow. Okay, go!


  1. Refractastic!

    I'm gonna take the shotgun approach here...

    Some part of the bathroom near the shower?
    Some sort of special window pane for obscuring vision, like giozi suggested?

    The teal stuff looks more like worn old paint than mildew.

    Excellent choice of image, once again, Quizmaster.

  2. giozi: No, nada que ver. Sigue intentandolo.

    Erik: No, sorry that's not it. No paint or mildew either.

  3. a bowl or a cup?

  4. Wanda: Nope.

    Asha: Not that either.

    Keep trying!

  5. Aha!! I have the very same object not one meter from me as I type this.

    It's a stack of CDs or DVDs on one of those spools that they use to sell them in bulk.

    Very good choice.

  6. I think Erik's got it, though it could also be a stack of glass coasters.

  7. Hey, Momma T! Long time no see.

    It is clearly a reflective accordion baffle, used by gay accordion extraordinaire, George Salvatore Liberace-twin brother of Mr. Showmanship himself, Liberace.
    You should know that accordion is priceless! George practically invented the Polka Rock genre. He played such numbers on it as, "Polka Kielbasa", "Polka Dot Polka", "Poke My Polka", "Polka My Poked Polka", and "Mary Had A Little Lamb." His large-scale Las Vegas act became his hallmark, expanding his fan base dramatically, and making him THE wealthiest accordion player ever.

    I'll take that big red button now.

  8. Erik: You are absolutely right! It's a stack of CDs. Congrats!

    ethelmae: Yup, Erik got it, although the glass coaster guess was a good one.

    Static: Sorry, but it's not an accordion baffle...although you should get a prize for the best comment. :D

  9. Muchas gracias. I thank you for the compliment, Momma T! Most people would simply find my banter annoying..but that's just because they are dull and humorless. "Why so serious?"
    Also: a reply to your comment is awaiting you at Krapsody. =)

  10. Oh, and my next guess was a stack of CDs....dohhhh.