Monday, December 20, 2010

The winner of Friday Photo Fun #6 is...

This week's winner is Erik, of Erik's Blog!  I just can't seem to outfox him, unless I post some very weird object, like this one.  But this time around our mystery object was a rollerskate, well, the back part of one, that is, and Erik was pretty quick to identify it, which makes leads me to suspect that he has some skating experience.

Here you have it:

And as I said before, I won't be doing any more photo contests until next year, so my big red button will remain linked to Erik's Blog until then.  Congrats Erik!


  1. Erik: Bad experience, huh? Well, that could also be the reason you were so quick to identify it. ;)

    giozi: Sí, tienes razón, en realidad Erik me ha pagado...pero, shhh, no se lo digas a nadie! ;)

  2. ¡Oiga! ¡Lo de los pagos era un secreto!