Monday, December 6, 2010

What, another holiday?

It's a holiday here today, yet another one.  The 6th and the 8th of December are always holidays here in Spain, so people take advantage and tack those days onto the weekend for a very long "puente" (bridge), as it's called here.  In Navarra it gets even better since the 3rd is also a regional holiday, so why not take a whole week off?  Now that is a real "macro-puente"!

We've had three days off with the kids and some miserably cold weather so far...

And we are not among the blessed masses who are off on exciting skiing trips, or Disneyland Paris, and the like.  No, we are braving it out at home this year.  But, after seeing the result of the surprise air traffic controllers' strike, I'm beginning to think we are the fortunate ones.

We may have an enormous mess and restless kids who are getting "creative" in their boredom, but at least we're not stuck at an airport somewhere. Or, what's worse, stuck at an airport with bored kids...

And then, after waiting for hours, or in some cases days, having to tell them they're not going to Disneyland after all.

So, we're grateful to be home, nice and warm, with a fridge full of food.  And more importantly, not having to sleep in those impossibly uncomfortable airport waiting room seats, or having to share an overcrowded public restroom with hundreds of disgruntled strangers. 

Just how are we spending our time? 

Well, we're making new stop motion videos, and introducing the new generations to the joys of playing online Zork (it's so retro that they think it's cool).  We've also learned about umami, watched  the newest Wikileaks episode unfold, and tried to keep the chaos to a respectable minimum.

We're still working on that last one.  Not an easy task when your kids have chosen your living room as the perfect place for a fashion shoot...

And while we're busy picking up the clothes, makeup, and various other fashion-related items off my new leather couch....

What, makeup on my couch?!

Okay, folks, this requires immediate intervention, so in the meantime I'll share Princess V's latest stop motion creation with you.


  1. Sounds like the kids are having a lot of fun. I don't know about you thouhg:)
    How cute those movies that Vio makes. I like it!!!

  2. Pues mi Ro si tiene que trabajar mañana, pero hoy no ha ido, ni el miércoles.
    Mi gordi quería ir al cole hoy :D

    El video lindo.
    Un besote... y pobre, por lo del frío, yo ya lo llevo mal...

  3. That video is fantastic! I know from first hand experience that stop motion videos are incredibly tedious to make, so I respect every frame of this one.

    Excellent job, Princess V!

  4. Mem: Oh, they had fun alright. And the couch survived the makeup, so all's good. Vio is having loads of fun making her videos and it's keeping her off the DS for a while, so I think it's great.

    giozi: Bueno, hoy ya la vuelta a la normalidad. Y por aquí la temperatura ya ha subido, menos mal. :)

    Erik: I'll tell her you liked it. :) I'm really surprised at how much patience she has for this. It took her a week to do all the drawings and then several hours to take the photos. Now if only she had that kind of patience for her homework!