Thursday, December 16, 2010

Princess V phones home

What does this have to do with skiing?  Read on and find out.
I just got a call from Princess V. 

She's on the annual 6th grade ski trip that her school has every year.  It's a sort of end of primary school ritual, usually done in the Spring, but this year the fun has come early.  Right before the Christmas convenient! 

So, just how can I describe the excitement she felt about participating?  Well, let's see.  Eight days before leaving she told me, "We need to pack. Now.  There are only 8 days left!"    It's been like the countdown to Christmas.  "We need to pack, only 7 days left, we need to pack, only 6 days left, we need to pack, only 5 days left"...well, you get the picture.  Of course everyone knows that in kid-speak "we need to pack" means "Mom, you need to pack my stuff".

When did I actually pack?  The day before, like any procrastinating fool normal person.

In spite of the late packing, we did manage to get her to the bus on time.  And that's the last I've heard since Sunday.

But then this morning she called.  I wasn't expecting her to, since when I gave her some money for the phone, she asked me if she really had to call.  I told that, no, not if it would cause her such suffering.  She didn't have to, but it would be nice.  She said, very wisely for an 11 year old, that why call if she was having fun and that no news is good news, etc., etc.

But she did call.  Even though she was having fun.  And the conversation went something like this:

Me:  So, are you having a good time?

Princess V:  Uh huh.

Me:  So, what have you been doing?  ( I half expected her to say "Well duh, skiing").

Princess V:  Skiing and other activities...and swimming.  (Hm, swimming in the dead of winter, okay, I know it's still autumn, but it sure feels like winter.  Kids running around with wet hair, brilliant idea!)

Me:  And what about the dance?  (There's always a dance...with real boys!)

Princess V:  Oh, that's today.

Me:   So, which boy are you going to dance with?

Princess V:  Oh we're not dancing with the boys!

Me:  So, who are you dancing with then?

Princess V:  With my friends.  The girls dance with the girls and the boys dance with the boys.

Me:  Okay, well, have fun.

Ah, the innocence of being eleven and not dancing with boys!

Princess V:  Mamá? 

Me:  What?

Princess V:  There are some older boys here, a whole year older, that are bothering us.  (A whole year older!  Heavens to Betsy!)

Me:  Oh, well, that's probably because they like you.  That's what boys do when they like girls.  They act all silly and stuff.

Princess V:  But they say stuff to us.

Me:  Like what?

Princess V:  I'd better not tell you.

Me:  What? Do they say you're cute or something?

Princess V:  Kind of.  But not so nice.

Me:  Or do they say you're hot and things like that?

Princess V:  Well, sort of.

Me:  Oh well, just ignore them.

Princess V:  We try, but it's not that easy...

Sigh.  This is the end of the age of innocence. 

I can only imagine what those twelve year old boys were saying to Princess V and her friends, but knowing kids these days, it's probably better if I don't know.


  1. Poor Princess V! My just-shy-of 12 year old boy wouldn't have a clue what to say to her. Scratch that ~ he'd probably just talk to her about baseball and Wii and music, being that he doesn't yet know that teasing is part of the game ...

  2. it's probably better if I don't know.

    My son is 15 and I'm doing a complicated dance of trying not to know what he and his girlfriend as doing while prevent something bad from happening.

  3. SAM: Be very happy that he hasn't got to that point yet...the longer they wait, the better.

    Beach Bum: My eldest is 15, but she doesn't have a boyfriend yet, thankfully. But it's only a matter of time, probably not much time, and then I'll have to start doing that dance too.

  4. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy me mueeeeeeeero, yo no se cómo voy a actuar cuando llegue, tu qué bien te lo tomas, tendrás que darme clases.

  5. Jeje, pues acaba de llegar del viaje y me ha contado que no solo les han dicho cosas...también les han enseñado el culo! Pero hay que tomarlo con calma, si no me volvería loca.

  6. arghhgghghghg. Guess whose daughter is verging on 11? Yea, that'd be me. You're freaking me out, chica.

    Can I make a comment not at all attempting to be cute? Take this moment, even though the time on the phone has passed, to find out what words were used and to explain and address them with her. EVERY SINGLE sex study done shows that the younger a girl is when she is given all the ins and outs of the facts of life, the healthier the rest of her sexual life will be. So face it head on, in its totality, and talk to her about how she felt and how she might have responded.

    Okay, done now.

  7. mami, what "dance" do you mean (on the answer to ) when I get a boyfriend??
    And what makes you think I am going to tell you when I find one??

  8. Jocelyn: Well, it seems it wasn't so much what they said, it was what they did. When she got home she told me that they were mooned, and she was pretty vocal about not liking it. But you are right, it's about time for the talk. We've already done this twice, but Princess V. somehow seems younger...I guess that comes from being the baby.

    Carmen: You'll tell me alright...because there will always be another cute shirt. ;D

  9. or a cute dress??? like your blue one?? oohh! I didn't tell you, but you know that physics assignment I'm doing it with Iranzu AND Ander <3

    Do you lend me your dress now???? Porfiiiiiiiiiis!!!!?

  10. X cierto k s eso dl baile ese k tndras k empezar kndo yo tnga novio???