Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Photo Fun #4

Hooray! It looks like the Internet is working again, so (as my friend FionaCat would say) here is this week's fiendish thingy:

I think it's a pretty easy one, so start guessing. Clues tomorrow if no one guesses by then. For anyone who's new around here, the winner gets their blog linked to my big red button.

Oh, and here's a picture of the snow. Not that it's relevant or anything. It has nothing to do with the mystery object.

But it is pretty.

And it is the reason my Internet connection wasn't working very well. So, it's all the snow's fault that this week's contest is off to a late start.

Stupid snow.


  1. TOASTER! Please?

    And it totally relates to snow, in that we all want to get toasty warm after playing in the white stuff.

  2. Qué planes para hoy? sigue el festejo?

  3. Jocelyn: Toaster. Yes! You're our winner! Now, which blog should I hook the button to?

    giozi: Bueno, ayer fue fiesta aquí en Navarra, así que hemos disfrutado todos del día libre. Pero con la nieve nos hemos quedado en casita.