Saturday, November 20, 2010

The winner of photo contest #2 is...

We have a winner!  The first person to guess this week's mystery object correctly was Erik of Erik's Blog.

It's a corkscrew!  A very useful thing, at least at my house, and I think probably at Erik's as well, which is not surprising since we both live in Spain, and if there's one thing the Spanish do well, it's wine (actually they do many things me, I know).

So, congrats Erik!  I hope you'll drink a little wine to celebrate...I know I will (any excuse works for me).  And to the rest of you, thanks for playing, and don't forget to hop on over and check out Erik's excellent blog, where I'm sure you can find out a thing or two about Spanish wine and a lot of other interesting stuff.


  1. Yes looks like the most useful thing to have about .