Sunday, November 28, 2010

This week's winner is...

The winner of this week's photo contest is Asha, from My Life. My words.  She correctly guessed that our mystery object was a hair straightener, or a flat iron, or whatever this particular torture device is actually called.  So, congrats Asha!

And here's a photo of the flat iron:

Karen and Jay also got it right, and technically I think FionaCat did too, since she said it was a fiendish thingy, which I think is quite true.  But Asha was first and there can be only one winner, so she is for this week, Queen of the Mystery Objects and will be linked to my big red button.  So go and visit her, because she is a very cool blogger with a wicked sense of humor, and you're sure to have a good laugh over at her place.


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