Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The patron saint of lost socks

I have an eternal pile of mismatched socks. They now live on my desk.  And while a few are eventually reunited with their mates, the rest remain in a miserable huddle of lonely hosiery.  I used to put them in their respective drawers, so they could wait it out in the company of their coupled drawer-mates, but I ended up realizing that many have spent years of loneliness in the dark recesses of the sock drawer...and let's face it, when your mate goes out one morning and doesn't return for years, well, he just isn't coming back.  I have my theories as to where they might go.

But it could also happen like this:

Whatever the reason they disappear, the probability that they'll return is slim.  So, I've given the ones that were left behind an ultimatum.

Either you find your mate, or you'll find your way to the bin

And so the pile was formed on my desk.  And it's days are limited.  If those socks aren't re-matched within two weeks, out they go.

So, start praying you mismatched little buggars.  Here's who I think you should see:

Yup, that's the patron saint of lost socks.  I saw him the other day while visiting the cathedral in Burgos.  It looks like socks are so good at getting lost that they get their very own saint.  Not that he's all that great at bringing them back.  I think he might be hoarding them in some celestial sock drawer somewhere...maybe angels get cold feet sometimes?

So, now I have a question for all my faithful readers (and even those that aren't...we aren't picky):

How many lonely socks do you have hiding in your drawers?


  1. Too many to count. I always blame the Sock Monster that lives in the dryer. I think he gets hunger and randomly consumes a sock being dried.

  2. I leave my lone socks in the laundry basket so that each time I take clothes out the dryer I have a chance to reaquaint a pair or two. Come to think of it, there are socks that don't even belong to anyone in my home. Maybe dryers have wormholes or something...

  3. There are uncounted singleton socks in my bedroom. Maybe we should compare sock piles ... there just might be a direct connection between my dryer and yours!

  4. Hahaha! That was great! Loved the video - and the saint. LOL!

    How many do I have? I hate to think. I only put pairs into my sock drawer (and yes, I do actually have a very small drawer dedicated to socks), the lonely ones go into a different drawer with lingerie items I don't often wear. When I can't shut that drawer, I have to sort the single socks into 'might turn ups' and 'lost causes'.

    The odd thing is, that as soon as I sort that drawer out and only have pairs left, a lonely singleton will turn up the very next day!

  5. Lanita: Join the club! Hey, there's an idea, there should be a lost sock club...we could all trade socks until we end up with matching ones. :D

    Asha: That is a more logical place to keep them...I think I'll have to move my pile there too. Hey, maybe those socks that don't belong to anyone are mine. There might be some sort of space-time connection between driers all over the world!

    giozi: Sí, pero solo lo suficiente para hacer la vida mas divertida. ;)

    Bud: okay, take pictures...I'll do the same, and then we'll compare. But I'm pretty sure the black men's socks in my pile aren't yours. ;)

    Jay: Oh, I hate when that happens! I've thrown away many a single sock after months of loneliness, only to have its mate turn up as soon as the garbage is taken out.

  6. Oooooh, I think Asha may be onto something - maybe she should present her supposition to NASA.

    I actually have NO lone socks at the moment - last week, I got sick and tired of trying to stuff all my husband's socks into THE SOCK BASKET in the laundry room, so I dug through it and tossed out all those he hasn't worn in years. Also went through mine and then the lone sock drawer - I ended up with a trash bag FULL of socks.

    Oh, I just remembered - once upon a time, I was behind a man walking down the street - he was wearing a dress shirt and slacks - and I could clearly see under the shirt on his back...a sock! Static cling had gotten that sock stuck to his shirt and I don't how, but he had been totally oblivious to the fact that it was there both when he put it on and throughout the day. Hilarious!

    Just stopped by to say thanks for being my newest follower! The drawing will take please in a little over two hours. Good luck!

  7. Darling. I just LOVE you. You make me see how much we live the same lives, no matter where we are on the planet.

    So: do you have a dryer? In the States, we do, and I have a significant pile of mismatched socks (coming to Turkey gave me license to toss them all. mwahahahahahahaha!). But here, in Turkey, with no dryer, I have complete pairs.

    Clearly, it's dryer hunger that creates this problem.

  8. ethelmaepotter: It must feel wonderful not to have any lone socks! Once the two weeks are up for my sock pile, I will do the same. And I just love, love, love that sock story! :D

    jocelyn: Yes, lost socks are a universal thing, except maybe in Turkey. ;) But it looks like Turkey makes up for unsalted butter with no lost socks...okay, not much of a consolation I guess, but at least it is a small perk. Hmmm, I do have a dryer, but I hardly ever dry socks in it because they shrink. A few slip in sometimes behind my back, so maybe that's when they get lost...sneaky little things!