Monday, November 22, 2010


Princess V was bored yesterday, so she decided to make a video with some of her toys.  But she soon got discouraged and said it wasn't any fun because you could see her hand in the picture moving things around.  I said that it didn't matter, but from the look on her face it was clear that it was just lame, and how could I think such a thing.  So, I explained how stop motion animation works to her. 

She ran off quite happily with my camera, and returned a short while later with this:

Okay, I added the titles and the music, but the rest is all hers.  Not too shabby for an 11 year old who just yesterday didn't even know what stop motion animation was.


  1. Wow - I'm truly impressed! Both with your daughter, and with you for engaging with her in such a constructive way and letting her experiment.

    Tim Burton had better watch out! ;)

  2. I loved it. Wow,maybe Vio is going to be a film director some day!!I hope she and you will make some more videos??

  3. Pues yo no se hacer algo así, jajaja, me parece super gracioso :)

  4. Two thumbs up for Princess V!!! That was great!

  5. Brava, Princess V! That was so good! You make me want to do something creative ... that's the problem with being an adult, you don't have as much "free time" to play as kids do. There's always something "important" you are supposed to be doing ...

  6. Jay: Thanks, I was really surprised that it turned out so well for a first try. I just explained the concept briefly and within an hour she had set the whole thing up and taken all the photos. And I had fun helping her put it, it kept her away from the Nintendo most of the day!

    Mem: Who knows, maybe someday she will be. And we'll probably be doing some more soon. :)

    giozi: La verdad es que le ha salido gracioso, y bastante bien considerando que solo tiene 11 años.

    Orneta: I'll tell her you said so...she'll be happy you liked it. She thinks being on my blog is like being famous or something. ;D

    Bud: Oh yes, do something creative! I would just love to see what you come up with...and with your imagination I'm sure it would be really cool!

  7. LOVE it! Paco got into making such movies last year with his Legos, and it was an amazingly constructive playtime! Tell your girl I'm pretty sure the Littlest Pet Shops there were eating Turkish hamburgers. That's exactly what they look like.

  8. I'll tell her about the Turkish I bet she'd love to see Paco's videos! The best thing about this new hobby is that it keeps her away from the video games and the computer.