Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The I-know-everything stage

If, like Erik, you catch your lovely daughter doing something like this, cheer up, she may eventually move away from coloring the furniture and end up moving on to paper, to do something like this:
This is just one of Ro's many (many, many...so many that they are spilling out of every available drawer) drawings.

I've been nagging at her to take a drawing class, but she is at that I-already-know-everything and I-want-to-do-it-my-way stage.  This doesn't just apply to her drawing. No, she seems to think this is valid for every aspect of life at this point.

That coloring-on-furniture stage is looking pretty attractive right now.

Hopefully, we'll be done with this stage soon...and move on to whatever's next.  But Ro has always had a mind of her own, so I'm not counting on it.


  1. The younger brother of a childhood friend of mine was like that. He's now doing illustrations for The New Yorker and GQ.

    Encourage the hell out of that. She's got some serious talent.

    The jury's still out on my little "artist".

  2. yeah...they all know more than we do. she's got some skill though. i hope she decides to develop it.

  3. Erik: I would love it if she ended up doing something like that, but talent isn't everything, so I'm hoping she'll realize that going to class would be a good option. I'm hoping she'll figure that out sooner or later. And your little artist looks pretty creative to me, coloring "under" the table isn't the most obvious choice. ;)

    lime: But they do outgrow that know it all thing, don't they? Please tell me they do... :D

  4. pues, mami, nosotras ya pintamos debajo de la mesa cuando eramos pekes....

  5. PD: no me acuerdo de mi contraseƱa ni de mi email asik x eso mi comentario es anonimo

  6. It won't make the slightest smidgeon of difference if you tell her this, but I was like that with drawing when I was young and I've always regretted not going to art school. *Sigh*

    However, many people do make a career out of art without doing so - Vettriano, for example, and Lowry, to name two fine artists.

    As to the rest of it, hang in there! It does pass. Mostly.

  7. Anonymous Catgirl: Ya me acuerdo! Pintabais en muchos sitios :)

    Jay: Well, I hope she does end up doing something with it, classes or not. Does it really? When? :D