Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Has anyone seen my pumpkin?

Lost, one pumpkin.
Has anyone seen this pumpkin?
First off, I guess I left most of you speechless with yesterday's slightly odd post.  I got more visitors than ever, but very few comments.  I can only hope that means I haven't scared you off forever, and that you've all just run out to buy Diesel's book.

Okay, we're done with erotic fiction...for now.  And here's that late Halloween post I promised.

Halloween doesn't exist in Spain.  At least that's what everybody says.  Well, if it doesn't exist, why did we run out of candy within an hour? (And no, my kids didn't eat it all, in case you're wondering)

So, to anyone who says Halloween doesn't exist here, I invite you to visit my neighborhood next year. Not only does it exist, but it comes complete with pranks and everything.  And it's all my fault.  Well, maybe not all, but at least partly my fault.  If you want to know why, read about it here.

Things started off well, and all the little kids were suitably impressed by my cheesy decoration consisting of a black cloth to cover up all the junk, um, I mean, oh-so-useful things in my grarage, one limp ghost, some candles, and a pumpkin.  Okay, and we had some scary music too.  Nothing out of this world, but since most people don't decorate here, the kids love it.

I even saw some moms dressed up this year, but they kind of hung back on the sidewalk, like they were embarrassed by the whole thing. It was sort of an I-really-want-to-dress-up-but-I-hope-nobody-that-knows-me-will-see-me kind of thing.

And then we ran out of candy.  But that didn't stop more kids from asking, even after we turned out the lights and closed the gate.  Even though it started pouring down rain.  One of them even asked me for an egg since I didn't have any candy to give him...

Yeah right.  Like I'm stupid enough to give an egg to a pre-adolescent boy on Halloween.

And I guess since someone didn't get a treat, they decided to play a trick....and they stole our pumpkin!  So, I assure you all that Halloween is alive and well in Spain, right down to the pranks.  At least I put our bikes inside the house.

And here are this years pics:
Princess V and Ro were ready way before the older kids.

Princess V becomes Batgirl for one night
Ro the funky she-devil

And Catgirl?  Well, it only took Catgirl and her friends two hours to get ready.  And they decided they were much too old to go around asking for candy, so they just went out (looking for The Boy, perhaps?)...for a whole... half hour!  (I guess there were no interesting boys to be found).  Then they spent the rest of the evening in Catgirl's room, but not before raiding the fridge (all that getting ready made them hungry).

All dressed up with no place to go

And these are some of the kids that did get here in time for the candy.  They were in a hurry to leave and find more candy, so I took the picture so fast that it turned out really blurry. But, there you have it, proof that Halloween does exist in least in my neighborhood.

And for next year I know what to do.  Buy more candy and hide my pumpkin!


  1. it sounds like you had lots of fun. Neat that more and more of the people there get dressed up now. I love your pumpkin,you did a great job. I think you get better every year!!! the girls look great and I didn't even recognize catgirl at first:)

  2. La verdad es qeu lo pasaron genial, no?
    Todas las calabazas juntas estan muy graciosas.

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  4. I love Halloween. My oldest is 10 and a boy but I KNOW my 7 year old daughter is a future catgirl too! She already primps and preens.

  5. Erm ... is there a reason all the kids are dressed like pumpkins? Perhaps they are actually a cult that worships pumpkins and they "rescued" their pumpkin idol from the clutches of the evil American lady!

  6. I would posit that a suburban-American "individual house" layout is more conducive, or even required, for Halloween trick-or-treating. So much of Spain, in the north, at least, is in huge apartment blocks. I can't really see kids taking the elevator to the top floor and then working their way down the stairwell like the charity beggars do, but I could be wrong. Do kids trick-or-treat in the large apartment blocks in American cities? I don't know.

    It sounds like you had a great time.

    As one Spanish friend of mine said, "Spain takes the parties from all the countries, but never any important stuff. No one adopts Germany's work ethic, but everyone wants mimic Oktoberfest." Some memes are just more fit for reproduction.

  7. Mem: Yeah, it was fun, and we got lots of kids. I didn't even know there were that many kids around here!

    giozi: Sí, se lo pasaron en grande...y yo tambien, aunque me fastidió quedarme sin calabaza.

    Postzoom: Thanks, I'll check it out!

    Asha: Good luck with your catgirl in the making! Ours has been primping and preening since she was around 3 and started pretending to put lipstick on...we had months of constant reapplying of invisible lipstick! :D

    Bud: Oh, now it all makes sense! ;D

    Erik: Well, the individual house thing does help, but when we spent a year in Málaga, we lived in a flat and the kids did go out trick-or-treating over there too. But it was nothing like what we get here. I never thought about what kids do in apartment blocks in you've got me wondering. He he, I think the German work ethic wouldn't survive for long here. that might work! ;)

  8. I LOVE that they all dressed as pumpkins... is that the only costume worn there? Or was it just a freak coincidence?

  9. Erin: Total coincidence...there were lots of other costumes too. But I guess these guys are friends and they decided to all dress alike.

  10. I'm actually kind of glad there was a prank, as those days seem dead and gone. Say, you could have handed out loose change!

    Thanks for visiting me olde blog(s), incidentally, when I've been a lame commenter here. We have had virtually no Internet access...but I'm reading you, so do know that!

  11. I LURVE that batgirl costume! Fabulous!

    But great costumes all around. Even the Pumpkin Cult!

  12. Jocelyn: I didn't even have loose change to hand out...kind of pitiful, isn't it? Oh, and I wouldn't miss your blogs for anything in the world, I love your stories! And from what you've been writing, I find it amazing that you have internet access at all.

    Jozet: Thanks, I copied that off some internet costume making site three years, we're getting good use out of it. The pumpkin cult isn't my doing, they just all showed up at my door...and I just took the picture.

  13. love the owl pumpkin, what a shame someone made away with it. :(