Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Photo Fun

Okay, here's a little guessing game to keep you busy over the weekend.  I'm posting a photo of an object and you have to guess what it is.  Whoever is first to leave a comment with the correct answer wins!

And just what does the winner get?

Well, I'm kind of short on cash, and other sorts of, ahem, favors are out of the question, so let's just say I'll put up a big red button with a link to your blog.  I'll put it way up at the top of my blog...and since who can resist pushing a big red button just to see what happens, you'll be flooded with the visits from my tiny huge fan base.

So, what are you waiting for?  Start guessing!

Need clues?  If no one guess by tomorrow afternoon, I'll put one in the comments.  Have fun!


  1. Tu eres mala de verdad, mira lo que nos haces, no tengo idea.
    Una pelota de golf aplastada?
    Un chicle seco al cual le has hecho puntitos?

    Y Sí. Era pasta dental...

    No me has dicho nada del último email que te mandé :P

  2. No digo nada. :)

    Que email? No he mirado el correo ultimamente, voy a hacerlo.

  3. Het is een oude knoop van een jas van onze beppe.

  4. That's a button. Like on a shirt.

  5. is it a piece of chewing gum that you decorated with those little round circles???

  6. Is it a sucked on breath mint?

  7. No, no. It's a golf ball marker.

  8. hotel soap.

  9. Those are some very creative answers, but no, not even close. Okay, here's a couple of hints.

    1. Some people collect them, others use them and they come in different materials.

    3. More women than men use them.

  10. And we have a winner! I'll post a picture of the thimble and that big red button! Congrats to Jay!

  11. No sabía lo que era un thimble, acabo de buscarlo en google imágenes :D

    Si claro, seguro hubo complot :D jejeje ay no se perder

  12. giozi: No hay complot, solo pura casualidad...y la semaña que viene habrá otra oportunidad. :D