Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Photo Fun #3

Okay, it's time again for a new bit of photo fun.  And today's mystery item is:

To Catgirl (and sisters of Catgirl), no, you may not participate.  Sorry.

Catgirl was quite excited about playing my little guessing game, but the problem is that she knows all the objects in our house, and when I showed her a few trial photos, she guessed them all on the first try.  So, this contest is now strictly limited to people not living in our house.

Okay, the rest of you know what to do, so start guessing.  The first person to leave the correct answer in the comment section gets to be linked to my big red button.  If nobody guesses by tomorrow afternoon, I'll put out a clue or two in the comment section.

Oh, and to all you lurkers...come on, play along and leave a comment.  Well, except maybe those of you who have come here searching for "wild animal sex" in all its variations (I'll explain that some other time). 

Anyway, I don't bite.  Really. I promise.  At least not very hard.


  1. This one is difficult and I have no idea!!

    Misschien een doosje dat je op de zijkant hebt gezet??

  2. I'm gonna go with "bookends", but it's a stab in the dark, really. Good one.

  3. Voy a comenzar a odiarte por tus adivinanzas. Ufff ni idea, espera ... lo miro otra vez.
    Un estuche de una guitarra?

  4. Mem: No, it's not what you said :)

    Erik: Sorry, not even close.

    giozi: No, no tenemos guitarra ni tampoco estuche.

    Sorry guys, none of you got it yet...but keep trying. Clues tomorrow! :D

  5. Here's my stab at it...
    Is it a hair straightener or a flat iron? Not sure what to call it. Hope you know what I'm referring to.

  6. Here's my stab at it...
    Is it a hair straightener or a flat iron? Not sure what to call it. Hope you know what I'm referring to.

  7. Ha! I just noticed the button. So that's how those two referrals got to my site! :-)

    This is a really good image. It sure looks like the ridge on the right fits into the groove on the left somehow, so the crack is a hinge, like on a jewelry box or picture frame or something. But if that's correct, then the way it flares out at the bottom doesn't make sense. Color me puzzled.

  8. Um ... I have no clue so I will go with my standard answer: it's a thingy, a fiendish thingy!

  9. I was going to say hair straightener, too (although it looks a bit too wooden for that). I guess I'll have to wait for the clues!

  10. Asha: Hooray!! We have a winner! You're right, it's a flat iron/hair straightener...or whatever it's called. Congrats, and I'll link you up to the button now.

    Erik: Yep, that must have been the button. Good guesses, but no. :)

    Bud: In part you're right, it is a fiendish thingy...that fries your hair.

    Karen: You're right too, but Asha was first and there can only one winner.

  11. Oh, gosh ... this is a difficult one! I feel I should recognise it, but I can't quite get it. The nearest I can do is maybe some kind of pressing device, or hair straightener - although I KNOW that's wrong, because it looks like wood in the middle there, and metal on the outside. Not a bag, because you can see right through the middle.

    Um. Hole punch?

    OK, now I'm going back to read the comments. LOL!

  12. Hey! I was right!! Well .. my first guess was, anyway!

    Fun to be on the receiving end of these things! :)