Monday, November 29, 2010

And the patron saint of Pamplona is... freezing his %&* off!

So, how many of you can name the patron saint of Pamplona?  Now you're probably all, "Well duh, it's San Fermin! Everybody knows that."  Right?


Pamplona's patron saint is actually San Saturnino, and that's why it's a holiday here today.  Here he is, out for his walkies:

Okay, so you've learned a new bit of trivia today.  Not that it's all that useful.  Unless you're planning on appearing on a Spanish game show and you're lucky enough for that question to come up.

Lucky is not what my kids felt this morning.  Especially since they had to go out in below zero weather. Their school isn't actually in Pamplona, so no holiday for them today.

Since the kids were at school, and even though officially he had the day off today, my husband actually did go to the university to get some work done.  And people say Spanish civil servants just sit around scratching their balls all day long.  Well, okay, some of them do, but my husband is one of the many that do work, and he works hard.
So, today he went to work, but when he got there, the heat wasn't on.  It's a holiday, hence no heat.  Sensible policies for a sensible Spain, good for saving energy and all that sort of thing, but not good for those with the laudable intentions of getting some extra work done (and my husband wasn't the only one).  He called me around ten and said it was something like 13 degrees in his office, and while that was a whole degree more than when he'd arrived, he couldn't stand it any longer, so he decided to come home and give up on work for today.

Here's a few photos we took in the garden, just to give you an idea of just how cold it is today:

Pretty, but it kind of just makes you want to stay in, doesn't it?

According to the forecast, this weather is going to continue for the next few days, so I predict that rather than scratching their balls, there'll be quite a few people who will be freezing them off instead.

And I'm sure that San Saturnino is quite thankful that the procession is over and that he's back inside his relatively warm church.


  1. Pues Santa Gio también está congelada :)

  2. It isn't as cold here in raw temperatures, but without gas our heating system isn't warming us too much. Seems to take a very long while for hook-up. Sympathies to the husband.

  3. pretty pictures and it looks like the weather we are having this week. Very cold and frosty. I like the way it looks :) Good for Jesus that he went home instead of sitting in the cold.

  4. Okay, now you've made me feel bad about complaining of the cold this morning ... there was ice on the back window of my car so the temperature was down to at least 32 at some point. Which, for southern California, is pretty darn cold. Really! :)

  5. giozi: Que, hace frío por ahí también? :D

    orneta: Oh, that sounds horrible! I can't imagine being without heat. Hope they fix it soon.

    Mem: Yeah, it's pretty cold over here these days, but it seems like it's pretty much all over Europe right now, so I guess we're all in the same boat.

    Bud: Oh, but I'm talking Celsius, so you're around the same temperature. 32F is 0C (I had to look that up because I didn't remember). And, wow, that is cold for Southern California!

    Karen: Thanks! I guess I got lucky. :)

  6. oh, i love the frost! they all look delectable and bejeweled!

  7. the polish chick: They are pretty, but it's just too cold! :D

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